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 Rating: 87/100

Rating: 85/100                                                                    
Nuclear Throne is a fast and punchy roguelike shooter. It will rock your world, send you back in time before your world was rocked, and will proceed to rock it once more. This cycle will go on forever.
Throwing hard-hitting sound effects, music, and bullets into your face and ears, Nuclear Throne is an endless assault on almost all of your senses.
In the game, you will die not once, not twice, not even thrice. You will die a lot more than that.
You will face challenges that mostly consist of bullets, and you will fail these challenges.

You touch the carpet. Something happens.
You hit Retry and start over.

Rating: 90/100                                                                               
This game gets 9/10 from me, only because no game is perfect. Despite a few certain shortcomings, nuclear throne has been my favorite game this year. Tight controls, fast gameplay, interesting locations, amazing art, great sound design, brutal but still fair, this game has everything I find fun.

Critic Reviews

Metro GameCentral Another perfectly constructed neo-arcade game from the makers of Luftrausers, which perfectly marries twin stick shooters with roguelike punishment. 90/100
Softpedia The most hardened fans of the rogue-like genre. 90/100

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