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Dec 5, 2015

the Best PC Fighting Stick So Far

MayFlash Fighting Stick V2
This is a great stick, I bought it to modify.. however. If you have limited $$ to mod this stick with, jus' save a lil more $ and get a quality( MadCatZ, Qanba, HORI, or Razer.. etc. Eightarc incl. )fightstick, i'll tell you why. First, the company advertises direct replacement for Sanwa, or, other aftermarket parts.. this IS NOT ENTIRELY true. I jus' got my V2 last week and cracked that baby open to verify claims. The buttons are the only " plug-n-play replacement parts, and, Sanwa buttons DO snap in-place 'cause I 've already fitted some that I have. However, the actual joystick lever that comes equipped, is similar to Seimitsu tab-type joysticks.. which means that soldering will be required to upgrade the 8-way lever, 'cause there is NO 5-pin direct connector for Sanwa, or similar joystick . Out-of-box performance, I found the buttons to be adequate in response, which should help budget gamers save a little $ until the buttons give out. The 8-way lever may take some breaking in( translated- I don't like it ). Tried this with Mortal Kombat X, SFIII: Third Strike, SFIV: Ultra, and Skullgirls with positive results. Would totally recommend this for a novice/beginner or anyone who is into modding..., and happy gaming everyone.


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