The Best PC Indies to Give a Loved One This Christmas

25th December. 8:33am. Does your bleary-eyed other half receive underwear – making everyone else in the room blush – or the far-less-likely-to-shock-the-family Undertale? It’s a no-brainer. This is a wonderful love letter to JRPGs, and its soundtrack is a bonus gift that keeps on giving.

Plague Inc Evolved
Give some perspective to a friend struck down with the winter vomiting bug. At least it isn’t a virulent bacteria that spreads through the air and liquefies ail your organs. And killing the world from their sickbed is sure to make them feel better. Merry Christmas.

The Escapists the Walking Dead
Trapped for days with the slavering undead, no hope of escape, and far too many mince pies? So is Rick Grimes. Well, except for the mince pies part Get some tips on how to get away from the whole family with this zombie horde-avoiding survival adventure.

Perfect for that one person in your life that has a yearly existential crisis just as the Queen arrives on the Beeb on the 25th. Do machines have Christmas? Would they know what it is to feel truly festive? Perhaps Rudolph would be a shining light in the darkness underwater?

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