The Best Star-Wars PC Games Ever

Here are the top Star-Wars PC games.

Star Wars: X-Wing

If you were a Star Wars fan in the early- Nineties, this combat simulator almost single-handedly justified PC ownership. The game had the daunting task of competing against the likes of Wing Commander, but managed to trump them on a graphical level – in an era when most games were still throwing sprites around the screen, X-Wing rendered enemy TIE fighters and other objects in full 3D. Mission design required an incredibly high level of execution from players, but that barely mattered when you had control of the iconic Rebelcraft. In fact, so complete was your control that you even had to manage energy between shields, engines and weapons.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer
It’s a massive surprise to see Episode I Racer so high up in your list, but it certainly deserves its position. Not to be confused with the equally excellent Star Wars: Racer Arcade, which was released by Sega in 2000, Episode I: Racer is a glorious futuristic racer from LucasArts that comes close to toppling F-Zero GX as the best example of the genre on Nintendo’s 64-bit console. Alongside thefinal lightsaber duel, the pod race is easily the highlight of The Phantom Menace, so it’s fitting that LucasArts did everything it could to match the excitement that the original cinematic sequence offered. There are a large number of ships and courses to unlock and an excellent two-player mode (although the PC version could support up to eight via a local network). Graphically it’s superb, particularly the N64 version which benefits from the Expansion Pack to increase the game’s textures. There was also an exclusive bundle on N64, which is slowly rising in value. The Dreamcast and PC versions are better due to being on more powerful hardware, but as many of you mentioned Nintendo’s version by name it’s the one we’ve decided to focus on.

Star Wars Galaxies
While the game never reached a lofty player base, there’s still a lot of fondness for the first Star Wars MMORPG – to the point that players are actively trying to revive it.

Star Wars: Battlefront II
This team shoot-’em-up was awesome a decade ago, and age hasn’t dulled it a bit. Whether your playing as a Sith Lord or a Rebel sniper, you’ll have tons of fun.

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