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 Rating: 59/100

Rating: 40/100                                              
+ OK graphics.
+ Varied and challenging tracks.
+ Good semi-arcade handling.
+ Clean user interface.
+ Nice repair system.
+ WRC license.

– Most car engines sound like a blender.
– Can barely hear the sound of tires on road.
– Can barely hear the sound of DOWN gear shift. Even if you go from 6th to 2nd gear in 1 second, there’s just silence.
– Some corners have weird reset-on-track spots.
– Lack of a proper “TV/spectator camera” in replays — the broadcast view lasts no more than 3 seconds before it changes to some other random angle.
– Some awful textures.
– Strange and annoying frame rate inconsistency. The fps count says 60, but the whole scenery seem to move at 20fps.
– Unbelievably buggy menus — framerate limit and some controller buttons rebinding just don’t register.
– Sometimes the co-driver keeps completely silent… No pacenotes during an ENTIRE stage is a real game breaking issue for a rally game.
– Poor wheel support (no DFGT or G25? Seriously?)
– No semi-automatic shift — a feature EVERY other racing game offers.
– No v-sync for DirectX 11.
– Loading times during car selection — Playstation 1 limitations, we meet again

Rating: 79/100                                                        
I like it.

The stage design is good, the handling is decent, the graphics are average and the audio is mediocre.

The handling is quite forgiving and easy to get the hang of, but there’s room to better yourself through practice.

There are 65 different stages ranging from 2 to 12 km spread across 13 locations.

The stage design itself is quite good, but the road surfaces themselves could use more bumps and camber changes.

The visuals aren’t too impressive, but there are a lot of nice visual details around and being able to choose time of day and weather for any track is great. The car models and damage look pretty good too.

The audio isn’t too impressive either and while the co-driver is functional, they sound pretty robotic.

They have handled the service-park repairs well, with partial repairs being an option and some components being completely replaced.

Overall I thoroughly enjoy the game and would recommend it if you’re a fan of the WRC and Rally games.

I think WRC 5 is a commendable effort by Kylotonn and I look forward to the sequel should they make one, this game is a solid foundation for the next.

Critic Reviews

Eurogamer WRC 5 is not a spiritual successor of the first Colin McRae Rally games or a milestone for the genre, but still a solid racer with solid driving model and a decent-looking tracks. 70/100
Vandal Online WRC 5 is a good driving game we’re sure the fans of the competition will enjoy, but it seriously needs to improve its technical side to become a better experience. 68/100
GameWatcher WRC 5 is a completely competent, inoffensive racing game, but it lacks the features that have become standard in the genre. Whether you’re a fan of simulation or arcade-style racers, there are many better alternatives out there. 65/100

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