Rise of the Tomb Raider – PC Reviews

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Rating: 92/100

GameInfo: After uncovering an ancient mystery, Lara Croft embarks on a journey throughout the

most treacherous and remote regions of the world to find the secret of immortality. Forming powerful new alliances and relying on her intellect and survival skills, Lara will ultimately embrace her fate as the Tomb Raider. Featuring epic, high-octane action moments set in the most beautifully hostile environments on earth, Rise of the Tomb Raider delivers a cinematic survival action adventure where you will join Lara Croft on her first tomb raiding expedition and witness the rise of an icon.

Critic Reviews


Rise of the Tomb Raider was one of the best games of 2015 and nothing has been lost in the months since its release. On PC it can look even more spectacular, so just buy it, yeah. 90/100

Post Arcade (National Post)
Bottom line, if you’ve already played Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox rest assured that you need not buy it again for PC. But if you’ve yet to dive in and choose to play on PC, take some satisfaction in that you’ll be getting the best version of the game currently available. 90/100

Here is a sprawling, compelling game made with impressive confidence – masterfully paced and expanding on its predecessor without for a moment losing track of its appeal. It’s a game that has kept its integrity intact while navigating the weird waters of mass market appeal, and one that retains a real undertanding of fundamentally enjoyable mechanics. Rise of The Tomb Raider is exceptionally easy to recommend. 90/100

Regardless of if you’ve played the first game or not, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a journey you should embark on. Few games offer thrills in such a well-crafted, honed package. There’s simply not a single moment when the game doesn’t feel like it’s not giving its all. Rise of the Tomb Raider truly makes you feel like Lara Croft: a bow-wielding, mountain scaling, bear-slaughtering, cave diving mad lady with more curiosity than can be healthy. And that feeling is just wonderful. 90/100

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a great adventure game. More exploration, platform zones and stealth mechanics than shooter moments, great plot and full of content to discover. 90/100

It’s the best game to bear the Tomb Raider name, and the best action-adventure title I’ve played in ages. 90/100

Rise of the Tomb Raider was one of the best games of 2015 and nothing has been lost in the months since its release. On PC it can look even more spectacular, so just buy it, yeah. 90/100

Rating: 100/100                                                                                                  
Amazing, if you liked 2013 tomb raider then don’t hold back on this one, it makes the old one seem **** even though I loved it and it’s a great port no problems for me so far

Rating: 100/100                                                                                                  
Best graphics I’ve seen in a game to date! I have a GTX 970, intel i5 4690K, 16GB Ram, Windows 10. Runs perfect at 1080P, and I recommend to anyone and everyone who likes action adventure games.
The use of in-engine cut-scenes reminds me of God of War 3 🙂

Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: 28 Jan, 2016

Shapeway – PC

You know what I love? Level editors. We spend so much time subconsciously, or explicitly, critiquing the game spaces we navigate; this bottleneck meant I could deal with more enemies, this jump was long and I had to time it well. Remember Adventure Construction Set? I spent hours making spy mysteries for my dad. He actually played them, too. The only thing about ACS was, there was a massive time investment involved if you wanted to make something good.

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By contrast, The Incredible Machine challenged you to design wacky solutions to problems like, “put the ball into the box,” and test them immediately. If your weird contraption accidentally blew the ball off stage, you would see the problem and then address it. But, TIM’s gameplay was entirely creation. Once you pressed play, you had to watch passively as cats and toasters did whatever it is cats and toasters do.

Shapeway is the platformer you solve by first organising the last several blocks of your tiny level into place, then seeing if your design works by jumping on it. If you place a block that will shatter, you may not be able to wait on it. You may need to do so to avoid the circular saw, attached to the block you placed next. Whether or not you are good at platformers will also infl uence how many blocks you place, with less providing unlocks and trophies.

Possible routes are endlessly flexible, though you may start to get a feel for optimal placements. If I have one criticism, it’s that there isn’t a penalty for failure as you test your levels, Finding a solution on your fi rst try seems important, somehow. But, as Technical Director, Peter Mandile, tells us, “To me, the most important thing about Shapeway is learning through trial and error,” and it is certainly this balance of build and play that sets the game apart among PAX 2015’s many platformers.

Objects in Space – PC

The only game I wasn’t able to play at home, after PAX, was Objects in Space. It is both the quintessential, “game for a convention,” and, ironically, something you need to sink hours into in a solitary space. Why? Well. For starters, to fire a missile, I literally had to fl ip back a safety switch and push my finger down on an ominous red button. If you were waiting for an invitation to build your own spaceship, this is it.

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Lead designer, Leigh Harris says, “Objects uses a virtual serial port to interface directly with arduinos, LEDs, buttons, switches and dials. We’ll release the source code for everything we build  and do how-to guides online.” Can you also play it with a mouse and keyboard? Sure. Will you still want to? Absolutely. Harris describes the game as, “Marrying the tense stealth action of submarine sims with the open-world exploration of space trading games.” During a 15 minute demonstration, I barely scratched the surface of the game’s systems.

As well as powering down for stealth, hiding in nebulae and physically touching the many things required to blow up a pirate, I learned that engagement is limited only by your curiosity. Pay for
repairs or fi gure out how to do it yourself. Further, if you lose the ability to control a system due to damage, look to the command line interface in the corner.

You can even get detailed, political leaning news from the different sectors you pass by and it is this depth, beyond hardware customisation, that promises fl exible, meaningful play. PAX-goers may have been drawn to Objects in Space because of its peripherals, but were then treated to a deep  simulation experience. In a convention full of fun, but often fl eeting moments, Objects sparked enduring eagerness in everyone who played it.


She’s a bad mama jama…

Meet Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison… and her awesome bionic AI arm called Amiga. Together they travel between planets kicking  ass, having fun…oh yeah, and saving the world if that matters to you. Our protagonist is a bomb disposal specialist who ran into an unfortunate event which saw her lose  her human arm (which in comparing to Amiga was kind of a blessing, sorry to say).

There is a great alien threat of apocalyptic proportions out there and Bombshell has been tasked with the rescue mission to save the president (another great female lead character with “confidential” weapons at her disposal) and the galaxies she comes across. It is also the second chance at getting back into the battlefield once more, only now she can deal more damage than before, and with great style too. Her prosthetic arm being AI not only solves puzzles and becomes weapons when needed, but also can function independently by detaching from Bombshell. She is on a quest and with great power comes great responsibility, or even greater out-of-this-world foes in this instance. 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment have given us some sneak peeks into the game play, which is a blend of it being a shooter, action and a bit of RPG. Its creators are confident that the risk of making a cross-genre game will pay off as an experience that will “Blow you away.”

So far we have information on 2 of the 4 planets that the player will traverse upon: Earth and Kyrron (a not-so-friendly planet with a mysterious creature known as “The Abomination of Lord Rhek’en”…
sounds delightful).

Visually looks to be a nice looking game with loads of potential and out to impress.

Release Date: 29 Jan, 2016

Crashlands – PC Reviews

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 Rating: 84/100

GameInfo: Crashlands is a story-driven crafting ARPG set in an outlandish world of hidden magic and high technology. Fight and tame alien beasts, craft resources into menacing weaponry, befriend the locals, and go toe-to-chin with a world-domineering maniac.

Absolutely engrossed in this thing every time I boot it up (on mobile or PC). The music and the vibe of the exploration, and just general interactions within the game, make for an amazing combination that just makes you feel good for even looking at the game in action. Big fan of the art style, as well.

Overall – I’m not very interested in crafting games, but this was so much more than that. It’s an exploration adventure game, with a humorous narrative, action-RPG systems, and a penchant for making me smile the whole time that I’m playing.

Heavy recommendation on both mobile and PC. Well worth your time and money.

Critic Reviews

Hooked Gamers Its outer layer may appear light and fluffy, but its innards are serious and in-depth, and anyone who enjoys exploration and adventure with a light smattering of combat should definitely investigate this game. 89/100
God is a Geek A more story-driven take on the gather & build genre, Crashlands wears its inspirations boldly, but gets away with it. 75/100

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Butterscotch Shenanigans
Publisher: Butterscotch Shenanigans
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2016

Blade & Soul Reviews

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Rating: 56/100

GameInfo: Your tale of revenge unravels across a world where martial arts and mythology meet in a furious clash of fists and betrayal. The path of vengeance begins with determination. Choose one of four unique races, and use detailed character customization tools to shape your persona with near-infinite possibilities. Like the crane that soars on the wind, explore a beautiful, cinematic world as you use the power of windwalk to glide across forests, dash across rivers, and jump over mountains. See the world inspired by the distinct visual style of acclaimed artist Hyung Tae Kim as you travel the land.

Rating: 90/100                                                                                 
Blade and Soul is one of the most fun Asian styled mmo’s i have ever played. I have been playing the NA/EU Version since Alpha Testing and have enjoyed every single minute i have played the game. Don;t trust these reviews from people who have not even played the game and are writing low reviews because of NC soft as a company, or they played one of the Asian servers and found it grindy. The NA/EU Port was very well done and the game has an amazing story. Also PvP while fun is not required to enjoy the game, but the PvP is insanely fun and skill based instead of gear based. I was able to attack and kill someone 7 levels higher than me because i knew my class better. it is a real rush! And the Tag Team Arena Matches have so much awesome and surprising twists it is amazing!

My Main point is since the game is free to play, please try it for yourself before you decide to follow the advice of people who have not played this version and base it off the past.

Rating: 50/100                                      
It’s pretty and plays a lot on sexyness. It’s quite disturbing thought that the female population seems to be 90% of the character base. While I understand that some people want to play as female it’s obvious that a lot of players also just want to look at a sexy womans behind while playing, giving the feeling of hundreds of horny teenagers running around you while you play.

The story is good if you enjoy that sort of manga/anime adventures though I personally have a bit of a problem when I’m the only survivor when my school is attacked and then I’m supposed to play with a bunch of players that are also the only survivor of when their school was attacked…

The game is more action based than WoW but don’t expect it to be a mortal kombat mmo (even though many seems to want to make that comparison).

Controlls are ok-ish, I enjoy the jump float feeling.

I give it a low score since it didn’t manage to capture me and since the most fun I’ve had in the game was in the character creation…and the character creation is quite awesome, to bad nobody else notice all the details you put in to building your persona since you are just another sexy lady with protective gear that covers 20% of your body.

I have a feeling that this game is popular mostly because people are itching big time for something to replace WoW….and horny teenagers.

Rating: 30/100                   
From the hour I got to play this game it was fun, with fluid controls. I had to get off to go to work, after returning home I find myself in a Que of 3000 people! The line was moving slow and I’m not prone to waiting an hour to play a game I kind of like. Unless they fix this I see a major dip in client base coming their way. Good luck to those of your still in line. I’m just going to wait for Black Desert and Lost Arc, way to let me down NC Soft.

Developer: NCSOFT
Genre(s): Massively Multiplayer Online

Armed with Wings: Rearmed – PC

There’s something quite evocative about a setting that’s only black and white. As a result of early technology, the first sidescrolling spaceship I ever commanded was a tiny, bright triangle against the nothingness of space. Games don’t have the same historical timeframe as film, however, and aesthetic conventions never became tied to technology in the same way. My first impression of Armed with Wings: Rearmed was that it would probably be bleak and Limbo-esque.

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Interestingly, the combination of frosty mountains in the background and gorgeous animations creates a dramatic feel to combat without any negative connotation. My character is whirly and graceful, but so powerful. It is a joy to play because timing and skill is learned alongside a visual feast of movement, enhanced by the strong silhouettes. Combat begins simply but soon relies on refl exes, observation and use of surrounding terrain features.

What begins as, seemingly, an action platformer quickly becomes increasingly puzzle focused. Yes, you can engage enemies directly, but a smarter way might be to smash boulders and launch the resulting rocks with your katana, like an expert ice hockey player, from a safe distance. I absolutely  love how the level design challenged me. Initially thinking, “Surely this is a bug. This is impossible,” always gives way to, “Oh, I see. That’s really clever.”

Puzzling also uses a little bird who you can send a limited distance from you. I would tell you the kinds of things it can do, but that would spoil the way experimentation leads to understanding of the puzzle elements. Designer, Daniel Sun, tells us, “Armed with Wings: Rearmed is designed to make players feel like an epic samurai warrior, despite skill level.” Certainly, if I was expecting sadness, I left feeling uplifted by the cleverness of the design and the beauty of the world.



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3 Big PC Games to Watch


Shoot, stab, strangle, or ignore; the life of an assassin is full of choices. Agent 47 is back and ready to take out all new targets in a brand new story, completely separate from the previous five major titles. In what is set to be a partial release, the game is being promised to expand over its lifetime, with new limited contracts being opened periodically for players to enjoy, completely free.

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Geralt of Rivia is done with the warring regions, so he’s decided to vacation in a less hostile area. Of course CD Projekt RED knows that players won’t be happy until Geralt has something to swing his sword at or smooth talk his way out of. The new region of Toussaint is home to some very dark secrets for our brooding hero to uncover and overcome.


We liberated and Archipelago, then we quelled a civil war, after a few more years it was back to a different archipelago, and the… another, civil war. Well now Far Cry is changing it up. Who needs guns and warring factions when you can have feral beasts and cannibal factions. Granted, angry animals have been a staple for the entire series, but Far Cry Primal has really thrust them into the limelight.