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Jan 27, 2016


She’s a bad mama jama…

Meet Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison… and her awesome bionic AI arm called Amiga. Together they travel between planets kicking  ass, having fun…oh yeah, and saving the world if that matters to you. Our protagonist is a bomb disposal specialist who ran into an unfortunate event which saw her lose  her human arm (which in comparing to Amiga was kind of a blessing, sorry to say).

There is a great alien threat of apocalyptic proportions out there and Bombshell has been tasked with the rescue mission to save the president (another great female lead character with “confidential” weapons at her disposal) and the galaxies she comes across. It is also the second chance at getting back into the battlefield once more, only now she can deal more damage than before, and with great style too. Her prosthetic arm being AI not only solves puzzles and becomes weapons when needed, but also can function independently by detaching from Bombshell. She is on a quest and with great power comes great responsibility, or even greater out-of-this-world foes in this instance. 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment have given us some sneak peeks into the game play, which is a blend of it being a shooter, action and a bit of RPG. Its creators are confident that the risk of making a cross-genre game will pay off as an experience that will “Blow you away.”

So far we have information on 2 of the 4 planets that the player will traverse upon: Earth and Kyrron (a not-so-friendly planet with a mysterious creature known as “The Abomination of Lord Rhek’en”…
sounds delightful).

Visually looks to be a nice looking game with loads of potential and out to impress.

Release Date: 29 Jan, 2016


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