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 Rating: 62/100

Rating: 55/100                                   
As a retro gaming fan, chiptune fan (including gameless originals by e.g. Disasterpeace, Anamanaguchi), and rhythm gaming fan (including GH/Rock Band), I feel like I’m squarely the target audience for this game.

This game isn’t terrible, but I don’t enjoy it and can’t recommend it.

Feeling which keys your fingers are on is a little confusing. The timing is clunky, and it feels like I missed notes I should’ve hit, even on beginner. And worst of all, the songs are just boring. For $10 I would’ve hoped they got licenses for at least one or two famous, memorable tunes, even if from indie games like Fez or VVVVVV, but nope, not as far as I can tell. (Although to be fair I stopped scrolling through after my fourth song because the game just felt boring already.)

If you’re looking for rhythm on your PC, try Osu, which is free, unique, and fun. If you’re looking for a Guitar Hero clone on PC you can try Frets on Fire which is also free, though I can’t vouch for it personally. Just… whatever you do, you probably want to skip this game and keep your $10. Even on sale it’s tough to recommend since the songs are boring and the controls feel unresponsive.

Rating: 82/100                                                   
This game is excellent! If you like rhythm games, you should definitely pick this game up.

The soundtrack is great, I didn’t find a single song that I disliked, all of them were very catchy.

This may turn off some, but the game was designed to be played with a keyboard, which in my opinion is very unique. Yes you do have the option of using a guitar controller, but you have to download a program to make this work. In my opinon though, you should play with a keyboard, it really is not that bad. I was very skeptical at first, but after rebinding the keys to my liking I was playing with no problem at all.

Lastly, there is workshop support, this is what makes the game worth buying. Players can create their own tracks and others can download them for free! You can also make your own tracks and upload them so others can play them as well.

Overall this is an awesome game, nothing bad comes to mind, I highly recommend giving this game a try.

Rating: 50/100                       
Good idea, poor execution.

There is no actual fullscreen. You can only scale it up 2 or 3 times and then there is a giant black border around the entire game.

There is no automatic sound/monitor syncing, you have to exit out to the main menu, go into settings, and manually enter a number between -100 and 100, then go back into a level and try again.

The game uses prerecorded audio tracks rather than playing the notes live as they are pressed. Better for low-end computers, but it causes the gameplay to suffer. If you miss a note, the music continues to play, you just hear an annoying sound that the note was missed. It should not play the music if you miss the note. Worse yet, the music and the notes occasionally desync, because the notes were just placed there by someone who thinks that is where the music plays at, not EXACTLY where the music plays at.

There does not seem to be any progression, not even a tutorial. You can pick any song and the difficulty does not go up as you play the next song available. The next song is sometimes MUCH easier than the previous.

There probably should be 4 difficulty levels, not 3.

Difficulty level 1 would be 3 notes playable and few notes of the song show up.
Difficulty level 2 would be 4 notes playable.
Difficulty level 3 would be 5 notes playable.
Difficulty level 4 would be 5 notes playable and all the notes of the song show up.

That would be better for personal progression of getting better at the game. Those who have never played a music rythm game like this will most likely be overwhelmed by 4 notes at the current easiest difficulty.

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Destructoid If you’re a fan of chiptunes and want a Guitar Hero-like experience on PC then Chiptune Champion is easily recommendable 70/100

GameInfo: Transform your keyboard into an instrument and play along to the melody of catchy chiptunes in this challenging rhythm game.

Genre: Casual, Indie
Developer: Blake Garner
Publisher: Blake Garner
Release Date: 8 Jan, 2016

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