Yooka-Laylee (Something of a rarity)

It was way back in the lawless yesteryear of 1998 that Rare released Banjo- Kazooie, and although gaming’s bestloved bird and bear duo may be gone, they’re far from forgotten. Not least by PlaytonicGames, a studio founded by Rare veterans that’s dedicated to recapturing the vivid colour and distinctive humour of the golden age of 3D action-platformers. “So far we’ve recaptured insulting each other via email all day and consuming enough sweet food in a working week to give Godzilla diabetes,” explained creative lead Gavin Price when we quizzed him on the project.
“If we survive the Winter, we’ll put in some collectibles, make the characters talk funny, and ask Grant Kirkhope to make some of his marimba tunes. Sorted.” Playtonic Games is optimistic then, and the team appears to be making excellent progress. Yooka-Laylee is already a pleasingly lustrous gameworld populated with flailing beasties and gleaming collectibles, and it’s all set to an appropriately jaunty score. “We really do believe that our game will present the premium nextgen bat-and-lizard experience of 2016,” concludes Price. Typical industry hype, eh?

Format PS4, XO, Wii U, PC
Pub Team 17
Dev Playtonic Games
ETA October

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