Doom 2016 – PC

Every monster and demon you come across can be Glory Killed – there are tons of these sickening
execution animations. Each one is based on the angle of the kill, what weapon you’re carrying and
which demon is getting its life extinguished.
Evil demons, massive guns and a fight to save… well, everything. That’s what DOOM is all about, and a more welcome remake is hard to imagine. This revisiting of one of the games that helped define the FPS genre is extremely exciting, and we’re hoping that the developers manage to capture the essence of the originals. Then again, with id Softworks doing the hard labour, we probably have nothing to be concerned about.

Developer Profile:
Veteran studio id Software began developing the original Doom back in 1992 and remains one of the industry’s most enduring elder entities. Known for building bespoke game engines for all its past releases, the Texan outfit has become a cornerstone of FPS with Doom, Quake, the original Wolfenstein games and Rage.

Format: PS4, PC, Xbox One
Origin: USA
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: id Software
Release: 13 May 2016
Players: 1-12

Developer History:
Doom 1993 [PC]
Quake 1996 [PC/N64]
Doom 3 2004 [PC]
Rage 2011 [PS3/Xbox360/PC]

High Point:
Back in 1999, id chose to take the moreish multiplayer of the Quake series and tweak it into the impeccable social shooter that is Quake 3 Arena. It’s so good that it’s still in pro tournament play today.

Retro: Turrrican II: The Final Fight 1991

Playing like a cross between Metroid and Psycho-Nics Oscar, Turrican II is one of the best run-and-guns on the Amiga, delivering sensational visuals, a stunning score and hectic gameplay. The five worlds are huge in scope, while it features some truly gigantic bosses and a satisfying array of weapons. It appeared on consoles (greatly cut down) as a movie tie-in for Universal Soldier.

Denuvo discussion thread

Currently, the status of this anti-tamper protection is not cracked.

From my POV (and i’m a software developer), this is a good thing, because all of the software developers, engineers and architects will get a raise in their salary when they see an increase in the selling of the games they’re making.

You [leechers/users] haven’t thought of it like this, have you ? you’re just downloading and playing, but you need to understand that the people behind these products are people who need to pay their taxes and eat too, some of them have children to raise…

New Microgaming Slots Released in December 2015

Black Friday has come and gone, and Cyber Monday is also over. This means that the holiday shopping season is full on, with game releases coming to invade our socks on Christmas Eve. We’ve already covered the most notable PC game releases for December. So now it’s time to look at another type of games, with a simpler set of rules and an easier to learn gameplay: slot machines. To play the latest mobile slots on your phone, take a look at these fresh releases.

Isle of Man based developer Microgaming has prepared four new titles for the last month of the year. All of them are video slots, but this doesn’t make them worthless pieces of software. On the contrary – slot machines are the perfect casual game. And the fact that they are often available for PC and for mobile as well makes them the perfect cross-platform game.

Star Dust is the first of the four new slots Microgaming has launched this month. It’s a simple game with beautiful visuals and a relaxing ambient soundtrack. Its reels are filled with gems and playing card symbols against an outer space background, and its reels bear a “galaxy” symbol with a special role during the game. It is the perfect way to relax after a long day at work.

Serenity is another relaxing slot, this time focusing on lanterns. The Asian-themed game comes with a soothing guzheng soundtrack, set against a beautiful – and indeed serene – background. Its reels are filled with lanterns, which are the theme of one of its bonuses. Having three or more Lantern Bonus symbols land on the screen will take players to a guessing side game, where they can reveal consistent wins hidden under – what a surprise – lanterns.

But enough of the relaxing for the day, let’s see some action instead. Microgaming’s latest branded slot machine is called Bullseye, and is inspired by a classic TV show with the same title. The main character of the game is Bully, a darts-playing bull, who has a special role during the game. The Bullseye slot machine has a definitely retro look and feel, but it has all the features you might expect from a modern slot machine.

Finally, let’s get on the festive side of the month with Microgaming’s Happy Holidays video slot machine. The game is overflowing with Christmas spirit – its reels are full of socks, gingerbread and the joy of winter, with sled rides, snowmen and Christmas trees. Santa is also present, checking his list twice. The game is visually appealing, and has a festive soundtrack. It is capable to fill its players’ socks with loads of goodies (in the form of cash, of course).

Get Even – PC

This one look interesting: an FPS game that takes decision making into account in developing persoanlity traits, and mixes elements of action, thriller, horror and exploration for final effect. It will also blur the lines between single and multiplayer gaming. You might, for example, be playing a single player mission, but one or more of your enemies may actually be controlled by other players. It’s ambitious and exciting!

Far Cry Primal – PC Reviews

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Rating: 76/100

GameInfo: The era is the Stone Age, a time of imminent peril and limitless adventure, when giant mammoths and sabretooth tigers rule the globe, and humanity is at the low end of the food chain. As the last survivor of your hunting group, you will learn to build a deadly arsenal, fight off dangerous predators, and outsmart enemy tribes to conquer the land of Oros and become the Apex Predator. You’ll assume the role of Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of your group. You have a single goal: survive in a world where you are the hunted. Grow your tribe and sharpen your skills to lead your people, conquer the land of Oros, and become the apex predator. Encounter a cast of memorable characters who can help push back the dangers of the wild. Face enemy tribes who will do anything to eradicate you and your allies.

Critic Reviews


“Is this a full release, or should it be a third of the price? Far Cry fans, allow me to ease the ambiguity and confirm Primal is more than lavish remix. However, it lacks the innovation and evolution that’s to be expected of Far Cry 5, comfortably slotting in somewhere in-between as a typical spin-off.”

Primal carries over all the adventuring and battling of previous Far Cry games, but emphasizes on a genre rarely touched in gaming.

“Looking objectively at Far Cry Primal as an isolated product, it is impossible to deny that it is indeed quite good, but it is not a completely isolated game. The fact that so much content from Far Cry 3 and 4 is recycled means that there may be players who find it overly familiar, and that is the biggest problem we had with Primal. The lack of any multiplayer option will also disappoint some, but Far Cry has always been mainly a solo experience. In short, if you still think you have more Far Cry in you, and if you appreciate the survival theme of the Stone Age, Primal is a safe bet..”
God is a Geek

In the tall grass, I’m stalking the Udam as they escort a captured member of my tribe through this forested area. I’m definitely capable of taking them down; I have more arrows than I need because all I have to do is make sure the one that’s readied goes straight through his skull – it’s simple. Well, it’s simple right up until the point where a very cross jungle cat takes exception to my presence and attacks me, alerting the rival tribesman and a nearby bear to my location. Luckily, I dispose of the jaguar with a few flaming arrows and a couple of blows to the head with my club, while the bear has some Udam for lunch.
Attack of the Fanboy

The first person shooter genre has seen a large shift in focus to modern or futuristic style games over the last few years, mostly leaving the past behind.
Attack of the Fanboy

The first person shooter genre has seen a large shift in focus to modern or futuristic style games over the last few years, mostly leaving the past behind.

For a game that’s set some ten thousand years before its modern counterparts, Far Cry Primal feels incredibly familiar. In the coming days you’ll no doubt see words like “reskin” and “mod” being flung around as commentators look to sum up Primal in as few reductive syllables as possible, but even though it has a lot of common ground with other games in the series, Ubisoft Montreal has managed to create something that feels surprisingly substantive, even if it isn’t entirely refreshing.

Diamonds played a pivotal role in the story of Far Cry 2. In a war-torn African state on the brink of collapse, these jewels were prized items of great importance. They could be used to broker a false peace between two warring factions, allowing the warlords to continue their senseless bloodshed without interference from the outside world. Or they could offer someone a chance to escape that hellhole, providing a valuable asset to bribe border agents for safe passage.

The Far Cry franchise has never been afraid of change. Far Cry 2 aimed to be more realistic then the original, Far Cry 3 focused heavily on its story and villains, and Far Cry 4 took the setting out of lush jungles and into the frozen mountains. Far Cry Primal, however, easily takes the cake for biggest change to the franchise yet. Taking players back to 10,000 BCE, Primal ditches its guns, explosives and cars for bows, spears and wild animals. Is Primal a step forward for Far Cry, or is this an extinction event?

Far Cry returns, but trades in its modern day mountains for a prehistoric setting. But can its tribal foes and mystical creatures match up to the guns and honeybadgers we know and love?

EA Announces Origin Access – If you like that kind of thing

It’s what PC gamers have been waiting for! (said pretty much no-one, ever)

Got a spare $5 a month? Want to get relatively super-awesome access to EA games? Origin Access is what you’ve been looking for. For the dozen or so of our readers really excited about this, Origin Access is pretty much what Xbone EA fans have been using for a while now. It gets you access to early trials of upcoming games, and free full game downloads of previous released games.

Right now, that means Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield 4 to name a couple, as well as the non EA This War of Mine. More titles are incoming, but that gives you an idea of the time-lag involved. Origin Access also equates to a 10% discount across all Origin games. The bad news well, Mac gamers are left out in the cold, as are Australian gamers – though EA is promising a roll-out shortly.


If you release a bio weapon that ravages the world and transforms thousands into zombies, but then employ some people to remove said zombies, have you really done anything wrong? Umbrella Corps seeks to offer a deep multiplayer shooter to play with your friends, doing away with any theatrics and focusing solely on co-op gameplay. How Resident Evil will fare in this mileu is anyone’s guess.

DUE 2016