EA Announces Origin Access – If you like that kind of thing

It’s what PC gamers have been waiting for! (said pretty much no-one, ever)

Got a spare $5 a month? Want to get relatively super-awesome access to EA games? Origin Access is what you’ve been looking for. For the dozen or so of our readers really excited about this, Origin Access is pretty much what Xbone EA fans have been using for a while now. It gets you access to early trials of upcoming games, and free full game downloads of previous released games.

Right now, that means Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield 4 to name a couple, as well as the non EA This War of Mine. More titles are incoming, but that gives you an idea of the time-lag involved. Origin Access also equates to a 10% discount across all Origin games. The bad news well, Mac gamers are left out in the cold, as are Australian gamers – though EA is promising a roll-out shortly.

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