List of 2016 Denuvo Protected Games (might not be cracked)

rise of tomb raider

mirror’s edge catalyst


deus ex mankind divided

farcry primal

the division

plants vs zombies garden warfare 2

friday the 13th: The Game is expected to be released in October 2016

mass effect andromeda

star citizen (multiplayer)


no man’s sky

need for speed


fifa 17

battlefield 5

dishonored 2

dead island 2


sherlock holmes: the devils daughter

total war warhammer

homefront: the revolution

god eater 2 rage burst

street fighter 5

Mafia III

Raging Justice
We asked about the DenuvoDRM for the Raging Justice, might not use Denuvo.

Game will not use denuvo protection.

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39 thoughts on “List of 2016 Denuvo Protected Games (might not be cracked)”

  1. This isn't even a list of Denuvo protected games, it is just a list of major releases for 2016. Some of these are already confirmed to NOT have Denuvo. Great research there, guys.

  2. annnnd this will have ZERO impact on sales, people who won't buy games – won't buy games. Period.

    ZERO sales improvement and overall, less people to play them, report bugs, give feedback, and overall, less game for everybody.


    If only they make games as cheap as they used to be. I remember buying games for 20 buys, and now… 60+ 70+ 80? No wonder.

    1. Never. Games have always been 60 bucks. Except for handheld, low budget, shovelware and second hand. Atari era games were about 45-50 bucks. Other than that, games have always been 60. It amazes me how many people either forget or try to put down gaming companies for raising prices. If you take inflation into account, games are cheap as shit these days.

  3. hey guys , it s only a list for 2016 game , not the game with denuvo 😉
    it s confirmed that Street fighter 5 will not have denuvo like doom

  4. Why wasting time on creating/editing some list… It's quicker and easyer to say: "ALL AAA games will have denuvo from now!!"

    See? That anti-tamper crap created by some piracy teams ex-members works! As ex-members, they know how piracy teams operate (and the "tools" they use), so they always keep one step ahead for the moment…

    Now all the gaming industry runs after having denuvo in their games, just like some people (you know whose) run into stores at day one sales!! And they just don't care if they got less money for the game itself… "Our game is shit? Maybe, but it won't be cracked, that's the point!!"

    It's just like people who think that condoms destroyed aids, but sometimes condoms explode… And so, it would make me lmao if one day some game publisher spend millions to have the latest denuvo version and if a talented guy breaks it some days after…!!

  5. This list is BS, Dark Souls 3 already cracked on torrent sites, and No Mans Sky is DRM free on GOG at release. Which means day one on torrent sites also.

  6. i don,t buy that many games and even if no crack will be avaible from now on it's not like i'm going to buy more, maybe less cuz i also have to buy hardware but then i wont have enough money because i also have to buy games but then again without the hardware to run it whats the point ? All in all i have my doubts with this piracy thing. Yes if buying better performing hardware every now and then wouldn't be a must then yes but as it stands now, this might even worsen the situation. My opinion totally, don't hate me for it.

  7. This denuvo would destroy gaming.I will not be upgrading my pc ever so if there are more people like me than this means less money on gaming industry.

  8. I dont know about the sales of PC Game using denuvo but I assure every one that the sales of computer components like CPU<GPU< will definitely drop . Good luck intel , amd/ati and nvidia .

  9. f**k this denuvo…..there will be no profit by using it….price of the computer components will drop…..noone would buy a game with 4k or 5k rupees….games will be less played…after all this is just a shitty thing in the gaming world…..

  10. We used to buy PC games for more advanced versions of games and lower prices but now it does not justify those anymore as it's better to just buy a console and save lots of money from upgrading PC hardware.

  11. The downloaders have brought this on themselves. Did these people really expect the game devs to sit back and do nothing?
    Oh yes apparently Skidrow a gang of hackers who shouted from the rooftops about evil capitalism extorting the masses with expensive games etc, have swapped sides and joined the denuvo team. They are the ones making it so hard to crack.
    It seems they have sold out for big money
    Is anyone,actually surprised by this?

  12. I will buy a cheap PS4 on sale, then I will chip it, download copies of the games I like and f… Denuvo. I say goodbye to Computer's hardware companies, I will never upgrade my PC again. If Gaming companies think they win with Denuvo, I say HELL no!! Because I'm adapting. Many people will make the same decision I'm making.

  13. "The beloved Chinese hacking group 3DM came close to admitting defeat.

    For years the group, apparently a loose collective of hackers who organize on a popular forum, had successfully circumvented multi-million dollar companies’ escalating anti-piracy measures to release freely playable versions of commercial video games, often days after their release. "

    finaly multi-million dollar companies decide to paid hackers not to fok their last products

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