Star Citizen – Game Information


Format: PC
Origin: USA
Publisher: Cloud Imperium
Developer: In-house
Release: TBC 2016
Players: Massively Multiplayer.

Developer Profile

Chris Roberts is heading up development of Star Citizen from the US over several continents and time zones, but he started out making BBC Micro games in Manchester. His break out game came after he returned to the US with Wing Commander, followed by Privateer, Starlancer and more.

Developer History
Wing Commander 1990 [Multi]
Strike Commander 1993 [PC]
Wing Commander: Privateer 1993 [PC]
Starlancer 2000 [PC, Dreamcast]

High Point
Wing Commander remains the touchstone for pretty much everything Chris Roberts has done since its release. Even when Roberts took a break from the games industry for a while, it was a Wing Commander movie he went to make first.

A turn of phrase that probably bounces around a lot at Cloud Imperium Games these days is ‘haters gonna hate’. For all the fan fervour and interest in space exploration game Star Citizen, there appears to be as much scepticism and, from some quarters, outright accusations of subterfuge going on. What is it about this massive space travel and combat MMO that could be driving people mad on either side of this equation? Well, money plays a big part in it. Star Citizen has now crowdfunded its way to a $100 million war chest for development and it’s still picking up more support. And with some investors putting as much as $30,000 into the project there is a concern that people are being asked for too much to get this game made. So much in fact that they could never get a final experience worth the amount of money they’ve invested. Since no-one was twisting their arm to donate, we’re inclined to argue that this was their choice and it will be up to them to decide whether the investment was wise when the final game launches. In the meantime, the Star Citizen alpha 2.0 has shown off some excellent progress for the game, binding what had previously been individual modules into a cohesive whole.

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