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Feb 13, 2016



MOD Which her do you want to be?

The Witcher needs a quest where Geralt swaps bodies with Triss.

I get the feeling The Witcher 3 is something of a swansong for CD Projekt’s world-weary monster-hunter. He’s travelled over all Temeria, identified and slaughtered every type of monster, and shagged just about every witch in the Lodge of Sorceresses. The next game might well give a new character a chance to shine, but if you can’t wait that long, here’s a mod that replaces Geralt with Triss, Yennifer, Ciri or Shani, the four major women in his life. The mod isn’t quite there yet. You’ll continue to speak with Geralt’s voice, despite your gender swap, although you could chalk that up to magic I suppose. It’s still a great mod, however, even if incomplete – after three games’ worth of quests and romances featuring these characters, it’s pretty wonderful to be able to walk a mile or two in their  shoes.  If you’d rather they stuck around to keep Geralt company on his wild hunts, you could also try  the Spawn Companion mod. This lets you bring Ves, Ciri, Lambert, Eskel or Kiyan along with you – they’ll fight at your side, but won’t ask for half of your loot in return.


DEMO We have all the time in the world

It’s fun when an adventure game tries another genre on for size. The lovely Tick Tock Isle is dressed up in the clothes of a platform game, but, as you might notice when you try to jump on something, it’s really more of a puzzley point-and-click affair. This demo plonks you in the shoes of an engineer named Strike, who visits an uninhabited island to fix a decrepit clocktower and finds himself cast back in time to happier days. The art is gorgeous, the dialogue is pretty funny, and the central mystery is mysterious enough to pull you along. If you’re tempted to pick up the full game, Squiddershins’ time-hopping tale is only a couple of pounds on Itch.


FREEWARE I can read you like a book

Studio Oleomingus’ mythical larger game Somewhere can’t come soon enough, given these exquisite tantalising glimpses. Timruk is the latest short adventure froma world very like our own: an alternate India, perhaps,where stories affect reality, andwhere people find themselves trapped inside the pages of books.As you read about such a fate befalling an unlucky painter’s son, you begin to notice the very papery wall textures, andwonder if the same thing could have happened to you. Oleomingus’ games are astonishingly easy on the eyes and ears. Sink intothisworld forabit, then joinme in counting down the days untilSomewhere is finally out.


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