Kickstarter successes coming this year (indie PC titles)


Yep, it’s already the year of the spiritual successor to Banjo- Kazooie.After a £2 million success on Kickstarter, this ultimate buddy platformer looks packed to the nostalgic gills with fun.And it seems  when the devs say it hasan“arsenal of abilities” it also includes a move involving a giant fart. Mature.

It’s a dog-eat-dogworld. Not literally – that would beavery different kind of game and we like the visuals for this canine simulator without any need for cannibalism. A procedurally generated city will offer multiple challenges as we learn to take on the world as a lone pup,and it unpawses in November.

Been craving the point-and-click adventures of old? This is bound to make your pixelated dreams come true.From Maniac Mansion and,more importantly, Monkey Island devs Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, it’s described as “an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game.” Count us in. June isn’t too far away, is it?

Jason is back in his first game in 27years, with asymmetrical multiplayer that sends shivers down our spines.You can play as Mr Vorheesands talk the staff of Camp Crystal Lake, or as a counsellor and try to escape becoming ingredients in some meatys’ mores.Yum.

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