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Mar 15, 2016

Rogue Stormers - Run ‘n’ gun rogue mayhem

I remember writing up about an upcoming title from Black Forest Games; a steam-punk, Rogue-like title called Dieselstormers. set for a Q2/Q3 2014 release. There was quite a bit of a buzz around it as  this title had been initiated as a Kickstarter project back in 2013, was scrapped, re-hashed and successfully funded in 2014 and on July 17 2014, was released on Steam Early Access.
Pending a lawsuit with Diesel S.p.A, Black Forest Games was forced to drop the name Dieselstormers and thus Rouge Stormers was born. As a side-scrolling Rogue-like RPG shooter, Rogue Stormers takes the elements from each of those genres, fuses them with steam-punk thematic setting and characters for a high paced action packed adventure. The main pull of Rogue Stormers is its procedurally generated  levels that players will have pleasure of exploring; this will mean that players can enjoy the various games without the fear of feeling that each level is repetitive. The rogue-like elements are to surely  add an interesting competitive edge to the game, even though dying will allow you to keep perks, allowing for growing stronger with each raid. Players will take up one of the stormers and traverse  the expansive city of Ravensdale, fending off the hordes of goblins and orcs. Five additional classes will be unlockable while players progress, allowing for varied gameplay due to each class having its own unique set of skills and base weapons. Each successful mission campaign will grant players  crafting materials and gun parts for upgrades. Rogue Stormers will allow up to four players to co-operatively navigate levels in both offline and on-line multiplayer, making it an ideal party game.


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