The Wild Eight – PC and XO

Keeping the wolf from the door with a little help from your friends

Wolves get a bad rap in our fiction, assaulting everyone from Red Riding Hood to Liam Neeson in an effort to satisfy their voracious appetites. It seems that a certain fear of these highly-evolved hunters  ru and it’s this instinctive un that 8 Points is looking to exploit in its multiplayer survival debut. Because the Wild Eight essentially takes the premise of lupine-phobic blockbuster The Grey and runs with it, placing you in the aftermath of an Alaskan plane crash that leaves only eight survivors.

With  little more than burning wreckage at your disposal, you’ll be forced to craft makeshift shelters in order to survive the pitiless cold and the howling predators that roam the woods. You’ll have to fend off repeated attacks from these “mutated” canids as you progress, all while attempting to hunt food for yourselves in the thick snow. Co-operation with your fellow networked survivors is key in these pursuits, and your unarmed and exhausted crew will struggle to bag so much as a lowly rabbit should you fail to work together.

Ice try

Surviving isn’t the only order of business, h, and the Alaskan wilderness possesses secrets you’ll need to unravel to escape its icy grip. One such enigma is the source of these preternaturally large predators; another is e significance of all the y abandoned buildings you keep running into. The studio responsible for all this menace and mystery is Russian developer 8 Points, a team based in the subarctic city of Yakutsk, where winter temperatures routinely plummet below -35°C. This studio understands hostile environments, then. All it has to do now is build a compelling game around its daily commute.

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