A Quiver of Crows PC Preview

Artful Chaos

Twin stick shooters are not a common sight into today’s markets. For those who don’t know, the term  denotes to a specific type of shoot ‘em up, commonly known as shmups, in which one joystick (or controller) is dedicated to movement with the second being used for aiming. While this could technically refer to all FPS’ and most third-person shooters, the name is most often applied to 2D games, and as such tends to be more of an indie genre than anything else.

Of course this is not a bad thing, as indie is often where the most experimentation takes place, and A Quiver of Crows does not appear short on ideas, at least relative to what is ultimately a very simple  genre. Set in a “grim world cursed by demons and ghouls”, this highly stylised game will let players take control of a crow, either by themselves or in co-op, to battle through various levels themed by the time of day.

Any twin stick shooter will have plenty of action on hand, and A Quiver of Crows does not look set  to disappoint here, with a variety of somewhat odd attacks, including sine wave and plasma weapons, that will vary in effect. One of game’s central mechanics will be the use of physics, including ragdoll  physics for dead enemies, which can impede not only your ability to navigate the environments but aiming as well. This will feed into what the developers have stated will be a game that is meant to be challenging, and gameplay footage is certainly looking to back this promise up.

Release Date: Jun 2016

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