Ascent Flies out of Early Access

After three years of development and one year in Early Access, Ascent: The Space Game is finally launching, with a completely new UI and a fresh graphical update. Explore over 270 billion stars and over 1 trillion planets. Mine resources, build colonies, participate in galactic politics, and return civilization to space.

Humanity has all but collapsed into starvation, disease and chaos. In Ascent it is up to players to band together, end the suffering, recover the lost fragments of technology, and rebuild civilisation in their own image.


Ascent’s feature list is as large as its immense scope:

A huge 270,000,000,000 star system galaxy with over a trillion unique planets to explore

A deep exploration game, allowing players to make a full career from discovery of planets and asteroids

A huge city-builder game, scaling up to over 100,000 structures in the largest player made Colonies and Starbases

A deep in-game economy encompassing markets operated by players at their colonies, recruitable NPC pilot traders and a large central NPC economy to maintain balance

Player made jump gates – a huge community driven megaproject

A single player Combat campaign

Multi-player Co Op combat against pirate ambushes

An industrialist campaign that encompasses the major industrialist features (trading, building, research etc)

A deep system of research and technology, enhancing all aspects of the game

The most interactive and fun system of asteroid mining yet

Player driven politics, complete with a functioning galactic senate, president, and planetary mayors.

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