List of upcoming Denuvo games confirmed so far

Mirror Edge Catalyst
Mass Effect Andromeda
Titan Fall 2
Battlefield 5

Assasin Creed(2017)
For Honor
Watchdogs 2
Ghost Recon Wildlands

Square Enix
Deus ex Mankind Divided

That is 10 AAA games coming in the next monts/year with Denuvo. Not to mention many other big games like Mafia 3 Dishonored 2 Doom Sniper Elite 4 that while they have not confirmed to use Denuvo is stil something that might happen…… That Horrible!!

2 thoughts on “List of upcoming Denuvo games confirmed so far”

  1. Don't worry it will be Cracked soon … people will wait but not gonna buy the game ! or if they do they gonna buy after some months pay they give a good discount

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