RPCS3 – Best Playstation 3 Emulator – Version Is Now Available, Adds Vulkan Renderer

The team behind the most promising Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3, has released a new version of it. According to the release notes, this new version comes with various ARMv7 core improvements (for PSVita), adds Vulkan renderer, and sports big accuracy improvements and bugfixes.

Here is the changelog for this brand new version of RPCS3:

PPU LLVM recompiler removed (not final)
Old PPU interpreter removed completely

Added Vulkan renderer
Common utilities for all backends
Big accuracy improvements and bugfixes

Various HLE modules rewritten/removed temporarily
More HLE functions implemented
Accuracy improvements

ARMv7 core improvements

ELF loaders rewrittten and unified (PS3 and PSV)
PRX loader improved

Big cleanups and rewrites
Logging system rewritten
Configuration system rewritten
Various submodules updated

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