Mass Effect: Andromeda is “pushing the boundaries of what Frostbite can do”, say Bioware

BIOWARE’S epic space shooter, Mass Effect: Andromeda, is only months away and it’s shaping up to be the slickest and most sophisticated entry yet.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was announced 2 years ago. But since that glorious moment we’ve seen and heard hardly anything on the fourth outing in the series from Bioware.

With the games release less than a year away, expect to find out more details thick and fast.
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MilitAnt – PC Reviews

Rating: 40/100 – Based on 2 Critics – Genre: Action

45 – COG

MilitAnt features a solid premise that is sadly squandered thanks to uninspired level design, annoying A.I. and, awkward controls.
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35 – CGMagazine
About as exhilarating as frying an ant with a magnifying glass, and about as cruel to people who play it.

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10 HOTTEST INDIES – The independent games that cannot be ignored

ETA: TBC 2016

Capybara’s roguelike was off the radar for a little while, but it returned in style at PAX East this year and impressed us all over again. It’s a stunning game with an amazing sense of scale and depth. It promises to be a challenging pleasure.

ETA: TBC 2017
The maker of Bastion and Transistor is back with another great-looking indie title. This time it’s going after the party- based RPG experience, adding its own uniquely colourful and vibrant art style to the mix.We’re very excited.


Playdead’s follow-up to Limbo looks like another haunting platforming experience with a similar  story structure. Expect it to gradually reveal its dark secrets to you as you play with smart  background elements.

ETA: TBC 2016
As the best example of a pixel-art Dark Souls that we’ve seen, Eitr remains firmly on our radar. The quality of the animation in this game so far is superb and the challenging gameplay should make it a real test for seasoned players.

ETA: TBC 2016
One of ID@Xbox’s brightest sparks, Cuphead’s boss run gameplay still has some question marks over it, but the art style and animation, mimicking early animation, remain as impressive as ever. It will be with us soon.

ETA: TBC 2017
It’s amazing that Double Fine is finally getting the chance to return to this title after years of fans wishing it would happen. Thanks to backing on its own crowdfunding platform, Fig, Psychonauts is coming back. It may be a little while in the making though.

ETA: TBC 2017
When the maker of Castlevania, Koji Igarashi, goes off on his own to make a new 2D action game, everyone should take notice and the unprecedented backing he got on Kickstarter is proof thatwe did.
Bloodstained is looking excellent.

ETA: TBC 2017
Ninja Theory has been exhaustive in its coverage of this game, revealing lots of welcome behind-the-scenes detail, like the fact that some of its combat mechanics have recently been overhauled with new motion capture tech. It’s looking better and better every timewe catch up on its progress.

ETA: TBC 2017
After Gone Home, Fullbright was always going to have a spotlight shining on it, so it’s almost more impressive that rather than shrinking back and doing something modest, it pushed forward with the ambitious Tacoma.We say ambitious because even though this has all the trappings of another steadily-paced exploration game, the space station setting presents a number of new and interesting challenges. What’s more, Tacoma is visually more advanced, taking on triple-A titles in the looks department.

ETA: TBC 2017
The spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie still has some development to go, but this could be an amazing renaissance for the 3D platforming genre Playtonic is packing this game with all the classic collectibles and hidden secrets.

PES 2017 – Preview

While we are yet to see MyClub or Master League in action, we find it unlikely
the modes have seen any major UI overhauls; judging by how unintuitive it was to make a few
substitutions, at any rate.

There’s little question that Pro Evolution Soccer is more skilled and technically proficient than FIFA on the ball, but is it as fun? That’s a difficult question to answer, largely because it depends entirely on what you’re looking for from your annual interactive sports. FIFA continues to do its best to simulate the spectator sport experience, pumping funds into licensing, corporate branding and player likeness to capture the culture of football. PES 2017, on the other hand, is attempting to simulate the sport itself. Last year’s instalment was so good that it was difficult to find any reason to stay away from Konami Stadium; nothing has changed in this respect. PES 2017 is a confident showing, even on an early playable build. The hundreds of new animations introduced into the game are immediately noticeable, with individual player traits and fluid styles of play are better replicated than before. It’s a little overwhelming, seeing players shift their weight as they move the ball between their feet so accurately mimicking the real thing – but it isn’t long before you appreciate the nuance to it all.

To support the new animations, PES Productions has also changed the ways in which you are able to shift around the pitch. Balls no longer latch onto feet as if by magic, with passes rocketing between players; timing and positioning are key. PES 2017 is a more technically involved game than its official counterpart, and a missed chance or opportunity can quickly turn into a devastating counter-attack. The precise movement and extended control system only serves to make the end result feel all the more satisfying. It’s still ridiculously entertaining to score a goal in PES. It still feels like you really earned it. It feels like a real triumph to curl a ball in at a tight angle from 30 yards or work a precision one-two through the box, especially as the improved goalkeepers will only be beaten by the very best of shots. What isn’t quite so spectacular, however, is the action that happens off the pitch. Unless the game gets a significant UI overhaul ahead of its Q3 2016 launch, it’s likely we will be once again trapped with another clunky PES menu system and another unintuitive player management toolset.

It’s a shame because that, coupled with the lack of licences, feels like all it is that’s keeping PES tugging at FIFA’s shirt. As 2016’s showing demonstrated, PES is now more than capable of holding its own against any rival. It has demonstrated unprecedented growth and strength – it’s difficult to imagine that this won’t be its best season yet – but a few core competencies continue to hold it back.

Soulcaster Part I & II

Tower RPG defense games are slowly gaining popularity, and Soulcaster is one of the best examples of that hybrid genre. You command epic heroes by summoning them to strategic locations to fight through hordes of monsters. There are 50 stages with 3 unique allies, each with their own abilities ranging from being able to take huge  amounts of damage and keep enemies at bay, to being able to attack enemies from far away or throw fire bombs.

Photorealistic Graphics May Be Attainable With 40 TFLOPS, Says Epic’s Tim Sweeney

The rapidity with which technology for graphics has advanced over the last few years is a bit dizzying. Graphics continue to get better and better, and especially with the advent of sophisticated tech, such as DirectX 12, Vulkan, and virtual reality, it is clear that we are fast approaching photorealism in our rendered graphics.

Rising Islands – System Requirements

Genre: Adventure –  Publisher: SOEDESCO Publishing

Rising Islands is an adventure game where you’ll have to combine fast-paced action with quick thinking. Jump, shift, grind, dash and wallrun through a fantastic world that is fraying at the edges. New challenges await around every corner.


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.7 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7970
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 4 GB available space

PC Games Calendar – July 2016

PC Game Releases – July 2016

Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc – Jul

The Assembly – Jul

Robot Legions Reborn – Jul

Order of Battle: Winter War – Jul

Clutter V: Welcome To Clutterville – Jul

Lil Big Invasion – Jul

Galaxy Golf – Jul

Furi – Jul 5

The Room 2 – Jul 5

Inside – Jul 7

The Lion’s Song – Episode 1: Silence – Jul 7

Nurse Love Addiction – Jul 7

Trizeal Remix – Jul 7

Carmageddon: Max Damage – Jul 8

The Other 99 – Jul 11

Anarcute – Jul 12

Ghostbusters – Jul 12

MilitAnt – Jul 12

PolyBridge – Jul 12

Song of the Deep – Jul 12

Tumblestone – Jul 12

Videoball – Jul 12

Crush Your Enemies – Jul 13

Infinium Strike – Jul 14

Jacob – Jul 18

Book Of MerLin – Jul 18

Dropship Down – Jul 18

Francisca – Jul 18

Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair – Jul 18

Gazzel Quest, The Five Magic Stones – Jul 18

A Date in the Park – Jul 19

I Am Setsuna – Jul 19

Trapper’s Delight – Jul 19

10 Second Ninja X – Jul 19

Machine Made: Rebirth – Jul 19

Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault – Jul 19

The Eyes of Ara – Jul 19

Empty Horizons – Jul 19

Zombie Night Terror – Jul 20

Hive Jump – Jul 20

House of Snark 6-in-1 Bundle – Jul 20

LOKA: League of Keepers Allysium – Jul 20

Naruto Online – Jul 20

The Afterglow of Grisaia – Jul 20


Shattered Skies – Jul 21

Dreambreak – Jul 21

Always Higher – Jul 21

Lord Mayor – Jul 21

Go Mission: Space Travel – Jul 21

Extravaganza Rising – Jul 21

1 Moment Of Time: Silentville – Jul 21

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter – Jul 21

Airship Asunder – Jul 21

The Land of Eyas – Jul 21

Starbound – Jul 22

Lovely Planet Arcade – Jul 22

Death Road to Canada – Jul 22

Zombie City Defense 2 – Jul 22

SWORDY – Jul 22

The Away Team – Jul 22

Human: Fall Flat – Jul 22

SweatShop – Jul 22

MageWorks – Jul 22

8DAYS – Jul 22

World Of Undead – Jul 22

Return Zero VR – Jul 22

Sekwere – Jul 22

Phantom Brave PC – Jul 25

VeeR Pong – Jul 25

Kingdom Rush Frontiers – Jul 25

Quadrilateral Cowboy – Jul 25

COSM – Jul 25

In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor – Jul 26

Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop – Jul 26

HELP: The Game – Jul 26

Legends of the Universe: StarCore – Jul 26

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge – Jul 26

SpiritSphere – Jul 27

This is the Police – Jul 28

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell – Jul 28

Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena – Jul 28

Quatros Origins – Jul 29

D.N.Age – Jul 29

SupiPara Story #01: Spring Has Come! – Jul 29

Carmageddon: Max Damage PC Reviews

 Rating: 49/100 – Based on 2 Critics – Genre Racing

58 – WCCFtech

Carmageddon: Max Damage is an ugly, annoying and downright tiresome game. Particularly so when played too much. But it’s not without its charms. A strong variety in weapons, vehicles and maps. Crude humor that can work, at times. It’s actually good in small doses, but not worth the current entry fee.
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40 – Complete Game Reviews
In the mid-to-late ’90s, vehicular combat games had come into their own. From the famous Twisted Metal, to the lesser known Vigilante 8 and Rogue Trip, the culture of the ’90s and the blossoming 3D technology melded perfectly.

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