10 HOTTEST INDIES – The independent games that cannot be ignored

ETA: TBC 2016

Capybara’s roguelike was off the radar for a little while, but it returned in style at PAX East this year and impressed us all over again. It’s a stunning game with an amazing sense of scale and depth. It promises to be a challenging pleasure.

ETA: TBC 2017
The maker of Bastion and Transistor is back with another great-looking indie title. This time it’s going after the party- based RPG experience, adding its own uniquely colourful and vibrant art style to the mix.We’re very excited.


Playdead’s follow-up to Limbo looks like another haunting platforming experience with a similar  story structure. Expect it to gradually reveal its dark secrets to you as you play with smart  background elements.

ETA: TBC 2016
As the best example of a pixel-art Dark Souls that we’ve seen, Eitr remains firmly on our radar. The quality of the animation in this game so far is superb and the challenging gameplay should make it a real test for seasoned players.

ETA: TBC 2016
One of ID@Xbox’s brightest sparks, Cuphead’s boss run gameplay still has some question marks over it, but the art style and animation, mimicking early animation, remain as impressive as ever. It will be with us soon.

ETA: TBC 2017
It’s amazing that Double Fine is finally getting the chance to return to this title after years of fans wishing it would happen. Thanks to backing on its own crowdfunding platform, Fig, Psychonauts is coming back. It may be a little while in the making though.

ETA: TBC 2017
When the maker of Castlevania, Koji Igarashi, goes off on his own to make a new 2D action game, everyone should take notice and the unprecedented backing he got on Kickstarter is proof thatwe did.
Bloodstained is looking excellent.

ETA: TBC 2017
Ninja Theory has been exhaustive in its coverage of this game, revealing lots of welcome behind-the-scenes detail, like the fact that some of its combat mechanics have recently been overhauled with new motion capture tech. It’s looking better and better every timewe catch up on its progress.

ETA: TBC 2017
After Gone Home, Fullbright was always going to have a spotlight shining on it, so it’s almost more impressive that rather than shrinking back and doing something modest, it pushed forward with the ambitious Tacoma.We say ambitious because even though this has all the trappings of another steadily-paced exploration game, the space station setting presents a number of new and interesting challenges. What’s more, Tacoma is visually more advanced, taking on triple-A titles in the looks department.

ETA: TBC 2017
The spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie still has some development to go, but this could be an amazing renaissance for the 3D platforming genre Playtonic is packing this game with all the classic collectibles and hidden secrets.

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