For Honor – Why Ubisoft may have a dark horse hit on its hands

Protection Denuvo Format PC, PS4 and Xbox One Origin Canada Publisher Ubisoft Developer Ubisoft Montreal Release TBC 2016

Taking on two swordsmen at a time in For Honor is not impossible, still a tough challenge that will demand quick reflexes and a calm mind. We’re not sure if a four-on-one scenario is possible in the game yet, but if it were, that would be the toughest challenge of them all.
This isn’t going to be a mainstream crowd-pleaser and that’s great news. For Honor is a game that  needs to be technical, considered, and challenging to master if it’s going to work, and those values don’t necessarily square with the one-button free-running ethos of Ubisoft in recent years. Thankfully,  the team knows that a sword-fighting multiplayer experience with historical accuracy and MOBA influences needs to have some technical depth to it.

For Honor’s three factions of Viking, Knight and Samurai are not going to have much narrative depth to them by default, so the gameplay has to be tight. Everything we’ve seen of For Honor points towards an interesting mix of light, cathartic hack and slash through hordes of enemies, interspersed with tense, thoughtful sword battles against online opponents. Mastering its stance-based combat on the right analogue stick, mimicking and parrying attacks, launching your own and taking advantage of your class’ unique abilities, are likely to take time. Not something that our COD- addled minds will quickly adapt to, but we’re hopeful we can get there.

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