Starbound – PC Reviews

Rating: 78/100 – Based on 4 Critics – Genre: Action/Indie

85 – Game Informer
Starbound is a satisfying space sandbox that rarely disappoints, with occasional minor bugs or mandatory missions offering minor quibbles with unbridled, endless exploration. This ambitious indie project has something for everyone buried within its retrograde graphical framework.
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80 – Good Game
Starbound is so full of features and polished that now is actually a really good time to jump into this wonderful game of space exploration and adventure! Just look at what people building are creating! It’s incredible!
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80 – The Escapist
It’s a bit rough around the edges, and the first few hours are a slog, but Starbound is a deep and vast constructor with a killer soundtrack.
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70 – CheatHappens
“It happens nearly every year – just when I’m about to sit down and write my annual Game of the Year piece – a sleeper comes out of nowhere. A game you never expected to dominate your time like the AAA releases that have dominated the last ten months.”
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