As more and more new gamers shy away from the classic consoles and turn to their PC, the internet, a smartphone and now even their smartwatches to access some of the best gaming action available we take a look at just some of the online gaming highlights which have evolved from popular video game franchises.
Whilst most of the time it’s a social network that does little to cater for real gaming fans there have been a number of cool apps available to Facebook users. One of which is its special free version of the classic simulation game ‘The Sims’. You can create and build up to 16 customisable inhabitants that you can guide through their simulated life’s letting them get married, have babies and even take care of their virtual homes and gardens.

There are plenty of incarnations, sequels and spin-offs of the strategy based game ’Total War’. One of which was 2012’s release of ‘Total War Battles: Shogun’ which was made readily available for the touch screen generation with its release on iOS. The game was then subsequently released on both Microsoft Windows and Android also. There was still a great deal of combat management, the organising of troops and other war-based strategies to consider much like other games in the series. This mobile-based version was an appealing alternative option to the traditional set of PC and Mac-based games in the franchise.

A superhero based spin-off slot game is nothing out of the ordinary particularly at a time when DC and Marvel heroes and villains are literally swarming theatres almost every month. One of the better slots games from the myriad of online casino games at Fruity King is ‘mobile casino’ slot game.

For those long forgotten classic console games there are now heaps of emulators available online which means you can quickly re-familiarise yourself with cult games that take you right back to your childhood. So whether it’s Pac-Man or Asteroids you can instantly turn your PC or smartphone into a mini-console or arcade device. One particular game that works well with emulation is Sega’s classic ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’. So much so that Sega even unveiled the full original game optimised for iOS and Android so that smartphone and tablet users could now enjoy all the classic ring grabbing action. The re-mastered version includes all the familiar zones and characters from the game and has been developed in widescreen, perfect for smartphone players.

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