BioShock: The Collection PC Reviews (Critic Reviews)

Rating: 85/100 – Based on 2 Critics / Genre: First-Person Shooter

GameInfo: Return to the cities of Rapture and Columbia and experience the award-winning BioShock franchise like never before. BioShock: The Collection retells the epic journeys of the BioShock universe beautifully remastered in 1080p. BioShock: The Collection contains all single-player content from BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, all single-player add-on content, the “Columbia’s Finest”…

90 – Press Start Australia
BioShock: The Collection is an amazing effort. BioShock 1, 2 and Infinite all look their very best and plenty of effort has gone into making each of the games stand up to today’s lofty visual standards. Effects are more believable, gameplay is smoother and the narrative is just as intriguing as it was all those years ago.
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80 – Gamereactor
Bioshock: The Collection consists of all three games in the series, with all their respective pieces of single-player downloadable content, and all this is presented in crisp 1080p as well as what appears to be a somewhat stable 60fps. If you have yet to familiarise yourself with the series all together, then there’s certainly a reason to invest in this collection. All you need to know is that this is Bioshock, one of the very best modern gaming series, and that, we assure you, is reason enough.
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