Grimm: Dark Legacy – The hunted becomes the

We have seen our share of movies created that were spun-off from popular games and vice versa. Grimm: Dark Legacy is a game that is a prequel spin-off from the TV Series called Grimm. In the series, the protagonist is a descendant of Grimm, and in Dark Legacy, you play as the ancestor. Set 100 years before the TV series, welcome to the old world where you will find yourself not only battling monsters and untold evils, but also discover the many mysteries that surround you.

In order to be a successful hunter, you need to be an alive one first. That means using all tools at your disposal. From weapons which include axes, explosives, knives and hunting bows. To interesting and realistic skills to seek out the evils that lurk. You can track down the foes using smells, following sounds and tracks. The fun twist in this is that the enemies can use the very same tactics to find you…and kill you obviously. This is an online game and so you can have tons of fun playing co-op on missions.

This title also aims to satisfy any hunger for a good storyline. Work your way up and keep getting better in skills, weaponry, strategy, and alchemy and combat. You will need all this because the enemies are absolutely delightful creatures who just want to high five your face with their claws. They seriously don’t want you alive at all. Which would be a shame considering that you have a descendant who is doing very well on TV making the Grimm name proud. So stay alive and be a great hunter for his sake.

Genre: MMO, Survival, RPG
Release Date: TBA 2016

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