Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics – PC Review (Pros – Cons)


More content (characters, biomes, items, etc.)
Priest class is my new fav. Wanderer Class is good. Half-Beast (play as Dosey). Haven’t tried them all yet
Same great gameplay
Improved graphics
More character art if thats your thing
Replays look even better now (but see BAD section also)
Voice acting (Partially complete English/Seemingly complete Japanese, easy to switch/turn off)
Play against other heroes–a kind of race mode thats actually pretty fun


Music a massive downgrade
Mostly annoying character dialogue (thanks to your new fairy. its a lot more “in-your-face anime-ecchi-ish,” idk how to describe it)
No “Hold V to skip” dialogue sequences (spam action key instead)
Speaking of V, the dash is clunky. Sometimes it works fine, others it doesnt, and i don’t know why.
Only 3 save files??? Likewise there are only 3 replay save files??? (OWH+ had over 25, idk, i never hit the limit. the replay save limit is more annoying, i enjoy looking back)
Traps – completely invisible things on the ground that you/enemies will randomly walk over. I don’t get why they’re completely invisible and you don’t seem to be able to increase detection in anyway (or detect at all apart from blindly swinging after every step if you’re low hp).
Limited resolution options. Either really small, or 1920×1080.
Have to change display to windowed and back to full screen to remove a white bar across bottom of screen blocking location info (bug that should be fixed soon hopefully)
Framerate lock 30fps
Framerate issues (bug that should be fixed soon hopefully)
Can’t remap minor keys (e.g. forced to use “O” to buy/sell/trade)

Rating: 75/100

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