NBA 2K17 – PC Review (Pros & Cons)

-Handles are nasty this year
-Post moves are smooth AF this year
-MyCourt looks great
-Endorsement Deals are amazing(Sign with Nike,Jordan,Adidas….)
-Story Is amazing
-Great interaction with AI, constantly getting messages from top players, my coach, team mates asking for a 1v1….
-More precise upgrades, you want to be an athletic slasher pg then you can, a big man with post moves then why not. Last year it was max athleticism now its much more balanced
-FAST LOADING TIMES, last year even on an ssd the loading times where sooooo slow, this year its almost instant
-Listening into the coach during timeouts feels so realistic

-Cant skip cutscenes
-A few sound glitches
-People are already 90+ overall in my park(Pay to win kind of)
-Steals are too easy

Highly recommend this if you are a fan of NBA.

To the people complaining about lag spikes I havnt experienced any but I am running this on a
i7 6700k paired with a gtx 1070.

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