Obduction – PC Reviews (Critic Reviews)

Rating: 71/100 – Based on 5 critics – Genre: Puzzle-Adventure

100 -Trygamers
Obduction offers an award worthy adventure, puzzle gameplay experience improved upon Myst mistakes and deserves our 5-star rating.
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85 – Gamepressure
A first-person adventure game that’s neither survival nor horror? Obduction draws from the classics of the genre as a spiritual successor to the Myst series.
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80 – Gaming Central
With its immersive gameplay, challenging puzzles and stunning visuals, Obduction is a perfect reminder of what made Myst a great game and goes on to add much more.
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70 – Rocket Chainsaw
Adam takes a look at Cyan’s spiritual successor to Myst – Obduction. Does it hold up to one of gaming’s best-selling titles of all time?
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20 – Game Revolution
Obduction feels like a game that belongs in the 1990s with a modern-day coat of paint. If you haven’t played an adventure game since then, you might be pleasantly surprised, but I’d have rather spent my time replaying Firewatch, Oxenfree, or any number of other quality adventure titles instead of this buggy mess
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