Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade – PC Review (Pros – Cons)

-Action is fun if unforgiving
-Team based
-Enjoy playing with friends/group
-Some good map and weapon designs so far

-In much need of balancing, a few builds are very blatently OP
-Much development still needs to take place in terms of well everything from melee to factions
– If you are an EU player like me, chances are, that the game
will be unplayable laggy for you. Right now there are only NA servers.
Players are warping all over the place, close combat classes like
assault marines or raptors will instant kill you before you even see
them etc.
This might be solved when they get some EU based servers.

The game mechanics are very inconsistant. If you want to climb a hip
high plateau, you’ll have to run a long its edge until you find the spot
where the game will let you climb it. You can climb onto boxes that are
taller than your character, but you’ll fail to step out of a knee deep
trench. You can brace your heavy weapon on fences, but can’t do that on
other barricades of the same height.
– vehicle physics …. there is none. Tanks and heavy troop transports just slide around.
– there still tons of placeholders in the load out screen.
– there are still lots of balancing issues.

Rating: 60/100

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