Asylopole is a satirical old-school adventure game set in a dystopian future and inspired by classics such as Monkey Island, Blade runner, Sanitarium,… You play the role of Adam Murdock, a psychiatrist working in a gigantic asylum. Get inside your patients’ heads to find out what’s gone wrong. Experience totally new universes and fight your patients’ worst nightmares…


– Large universe

– Non-linear

– 2D hand drawn graphics, rotoscoping, stop-motion

– 90’s feeling

– Varied gameplay: exploration, puzzles, fights,…
– Rich content: quests, mini-games, network (Ultranet),…
– Adjustable difficulty

– Controllers support

– Gain EXP and increase your stats

– Eat nice Fastbouf burgers ( look at that sauce dripping down ! )


Release Date: December 2017

Games already released with Denuvo (Denuvo Games List)

All games published by Square ENIX, WB, BETHESDA,SEGA,UBISOFT EA, DEEP SILVER has Denuvo, The only ones who dont use it(at least not yet) are Namco Focus Rebelion 2K Evryone else is using. That means that in the near future as things are now the only big games that will not use it are Resident evil 7 Mafia 3 Sniper Elite 4 Tekken 7 The Surge . And that might change because who knows if 2K and capcom decide to use denuvo until their next games releases. Very bad news guys very bad!!

Mad Max
Metal gear 5
Fifa 16
Just cause 3
Rise of the tomb raider
Far cry primal
Mirror edge catalyst
Homefront the revolution
Mighty No 9
Deus ex mankind divided
Battlefield 1
Titanfall 2
Mass Effect Andromeda
Dishonored 2
Watch Dogs 2
Ghostrecon wildlands
For Honor
Assasin Creed(2017)
Injustice 2

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PC Game Releases – November 2016

PC Games Calendar November 2016

 – Big games of November 2016
PC Game Category   Estimated Release
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare    Shooter November 4, 2016
Football Manager 2017  Simulation November 4, 2016
Dishonored 2 Adventure  November 11, 2016
Silence  Adventure November 15, 2016
Planet Coaster Simulation November 17, 2016
Killing Floor 2 Shooter November 18, 2016

All Games

Owlboy – Nov 1

Super Dungeon Bros  – Nov 1

The Sims 4: Living Expansion Pack  – Nov 1

The Sims 4: City Living – Nov 1

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera – Nov 1

Above: VR – Nov 1

Operation Breakout – Nov 1

Super Ninja Hero VR – Nov 1

Abode – Nov 1

Epic Flail – Nov 1

Heart and Seoul – Nov 1

Brumm – Nov 1

Social Interaction Trainer – Nov 2

hack_me – Nov 2

King Machine – Nov 2

Crispy Chicken – Nov 2

ShotForge – Nov 2

Heroes of Issachar – Nov 3

Nebula Online – Nov 3

Xanadu Next – Nov 3

Moto Racer 4 – Nov 3

VR The Diner Duo – Nov 3

Kokurase: Episode 1 – Nov 3

City Car Driving – Nov 3

Citalis – Nov 3

Battle Islands: Commanders – Nov 3

Football Manager Touch 2017 – Nov 4

Tablemen – Nov 4

Pixel Puzzles Ultimate – Puzzle Pack: Fractal Rings – Nov 4

Intralism – Nov 4

Pirate Pop Plus – Nov 4

Memory’s Dogma CODE:01 – Nov 4

Dungeon Rats – Nov 4

Across – Nov 4

The Stargazers – Nov 4

Super Grav – Nov 7

Please State Your Name: A VR Animated Film – Nov 7

VOI – Nov 7

Small Radios Big Televisions – Nov 8

Transport Fever – Nov 8

Super Rad Raygun – Nov 8

Lethal VR – Nov 8

Motorsport Manager – Nov 9

WarFire – Nov 9

Gravity Shot – Nov 9

Yesterday Origins – Nov 10

Tyranny – Nov 10

My Mom is a Witch – Nov 10

Bullet Sorrow VR – Nov 10

Craft Keep VR – Nov 10

Chimpact 1: Chuck’s Adventure – Nov 11

Sorcerers of Kinetics – Nov 11

Stellar Stars – Nov 11

Tales – Nov 14

Altar Guardian – Nov 14

Neptune Flux – Nov 15

ENIGMA: – Nov 15

Way of the Red – Nov 15

Gem Forge – Nov 16

Planet Coaster – Nov 17

Nothin’ But Net – Nov 17

Twixel – Nov 18

Brief Karate Foolish – Nov 18

The Little Acre – Nov 22

ARAYA – Nov 23

Super Red-Hot Hero – Nov 24

Ashbourne – Nov 24

Astervoid 2000 – Nov 25

Rock God Tycoon – Nov 25

Watch Dogs 2 – Nov 29

The Crew: Ultimate Edition – Nov 29

Second Coming – Nov 30

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – PC Review and Critic Scores

+ New mechanics are interesting and do work in principle
+ Game runs smoothly
+ Multiplayer works
+ (as you know) Sean Bean
– Diplomacy is broken; always ends with everyone hating everyone
^ possibly due to sign error or scaling of relation impact; this might be fixable
– even with good relations, there are no fair deals with AI possible
– Districts get more expensive, the more social researches one has
^ Quite unintuitively, not communicated and makes no sense; districts get more expensive than wonders fast
^ Yes, really. On standard speed, each Civic increases district cost by around 11 production (base cost 60)
– Districts can not be removed
^ very basic feature for any system of adjacency boni, one would think
– minor, but unnecessary and enraging slip-ups in UI
– AI is just as bad (or worse) in combat situations as in Civ 5
^ not a challenge unless 3vs1 + tech advance
– AI is bad in general

Bottom line: Game needs 2-3 patches, so around 6-8 months work. Alas, this IS release weekend and the game is playable. Still not recommended at current state; has potential to be the best part of the series. Please Firaxis, make it happen!

Rating: 50/100

Critic Scores:

TheSixthAxis – 100

LevelUp – 98

Game Informer – 95

Game Over Online – 90

The Escapist – 90

USgamer – 90

PCGamesN – 90

Destructoid – 85

Stevivor – 85

Time – 80

Impulsegamer – 70

Under 100k copies of Street Fighter V were shipped (incl dig) from April to September

According to Capcom’s financial reports less than 100k units of Street Fighter V were shipped on the whole semester (that’s from April 1st to September 30th), it shows it’s LTD as 1.4m which is the same exact number they gave back in May.

This includes physical copies sold to stores and digital copies sold through PSN/Steam, both combined ammount to less than 100k unit

Titanfall 2 – PC Critic Scores and System Requirements

Critic Scores for PC
Gamereactor – 90
Gamesradar – 90
Meristation – 90
GamingTrend – 85
AusGamers – 73

PC System Requirements:


OS – Win 7/8/8.1/10 64bit
CPU – Intel Core i3-3600t or equivalent
HDD Free Space – 45GB
GPU – NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
DirectX – 11
Internet Connection – 512Kbps or faster


OS – Win 7/8/8.1/10 64bit
CPU – Intel Core i5-6600 or equivalent
RAM – 16GB
HDD Free Space – 45GB
GPU – NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB, AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB
DirectX – 11
Internet Connection – 512Kbps or faster

Ultra 4K60

OS – Win 7/8/8.1/10 64bit
CPU – Intel Core i7-6700k or equivalent
RAM – 16GB
HDD Free Space – 45GB
GPU – NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 8GB
DirectX – 11
Internet Connection – 512Kbps or faster

Our Rating: 82/100

New screenshots released for Piranha Bytes’ open-world action RPG, ELEX

Piranha Bytes has released a new set of screenshots for its upcoming open-world action RPG, ELEX. ELEX is set in a brand new post-apocalyptic Science Fantasy universe that puts players into a huge seamless game world full of original characters, mutated creatures, deep moral choices and powerful action.

The 9 worst types of Battlefield 1 player

Battlefield 1 is finally out in the wild, and if you haven’t yet invested in DICE’s blockbuster, best you get out and do it because it’s one of the best games of the year. The game takes the franchise to new heights, offering arguably the best campaign in the series as well as refreshing multiplayer that breaks away from the futuristic outings that currently plague the genre.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the game since before launch, having now clocked more than 24 hours in the multiplayer. Safe to say I’m enjoying it … a lot. Now, I don’t proclaim to be the best Battlefield player going around — quite the opposite — but I have found a comfort zone that allows me to best enjoy the game as I know DICE intended players to.

Unfortunately, the experience is sometimes hampered by players who just play for themselves, or don’t quite understand and grasp the concepts of certain mechanics, features and classes. Battlefield 1 can be a punishing game if you don’t play it the right way, and that punishment tends to hit hard for the rest of the player’s team.

So what sort of player do you not want to be out in the midst of the chaos? Here’s my list of the 9 worst types of Battlefield 1 player.

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Battlefield 1 PC Mini Review and Critic Scores

Flashy and pretty, but gets boring very quickly the graphics is so over the top you literally have trouble seeing the players, which encourages alot of campers most guns with drop you in 3 shots, or under 1 second, and shotgun is one shot kill. This game is like Battlefield 4 modded to look at WW1 era, the maps are very boring too wide open nothingness that makes you easy target for snipers and vehicles, or dense jungle and trenches where shotgun will one shot you.

Dont waste your money.
Our Rating: 30/100

Review Scores
Gaming Respawn – 95
GameCrate – 93
Game Informer – 93
Time – 90
Gamereactor – 90
Polygon – 90
IGN – 90
PCWorld – 90
CGM – 85
TheSixthAxis – 80