Get Even – Preview & Information

“Get Even is the biggest title that has ever been produced in our studio”

Concept: Cole Black has woken up without any memories, save for an attempt to save a teenage girl with a bomb strapped to her, so can he piece his past back together?
There comes a point in a game’s development where you would hope that any mysteries surrounding its gameplay mechanics and perhaps even genre would be set aside, but nearly three years in and we’re still not clear on Get Even. What started out as an interesting FPS premise involving multiplayer adversaries in a single-player narrative and impressive scanning tech being used to render insanely detailed locations, now looks like a psychological horror experience mixed liberally with high-tech military hardware and some kind of VR experience. But then, who’s to say that these ideas are mutually exclusive? We’re just not sure.

Get Even has essentially been reannounced thanks to a publishing partnership between developer The Farm 51 and Bandai Namco. The new big tech selling point is Auro-3D technology, which promises cutting-edge 3D acoustics. Visually, it has lost a little of its oomph from our earliest impressions of the game, but that’s really only because so much time has passed. It’s really not a bad looking title at all, albeit that many of its locations are rather drab and grey at the moment. The addition of some more colourful and outdoor locations will hopefully stop the game from feeling like a throwback to the grey and brown days of early Xbox 360 titles.

The gun combat in the game doesn’t look amazing at present, but it’s not entirely clear how much
time will be spent needing it.

What’s becoming clear though is that with your protagonist’s memory lost, you’ll be piecing together the mystery of a girl you believe you were supposed to be saving, possibly flashing back with the  help of a VR device (Oculus Rift support has been on the cards for some time). Thanks to a handy smartphone you’ll be investigating the locations you visit, attempting to gather evidence, all the while threatened by some creepy characters and more real-world militarised adversaries. There’s a definite Condemned vibe coming off the whole affair, which is no bad thing in our eyes. We had always expected that Get Even would be more or less a straightforward FPS experience and some of that appears to have been retained thanks to things like a form of CornerShot gun that lets you aim around corners. Moving from moments that feel like they’re straight out of Outlast to those that could be part of a stealth section in Call Of Duty is going to be an interesting challenge for The Farm 51 to balance.
Some of the combat at present looks a little stiff and overall the animations aren’t looking as good as they could, but The Farm 51 has indicated that with Bandai Namco’s support it has more resources available now for polishing the game up. It feels as if Get Even has moved a far distance away from its original concept, but there’s still some promise here.


Format: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Origin: Poland
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Developer: The Farm 51
Release: Q2 2017
Players: 1-TBC

Developer Profile:
The Farm 51 has been working in some interesting areas of FPS development over the years, dipping its toes into action adventure briefly and ill-fatedly as it turned out with Deadfall Adventures.
Still, it’s a studio that has shown some promise and it’s been working on Get Even for some time.

Developer History:
Time Ace 2007 [DS]
NecroVisioN 2009 [PC]
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation 2012 [Multi]
Deadfall Adventures 2013 [Multi]

High Point:
The Farm 51 has yet to have much by the way of critical success, but its stab at Painkiller showed some promise. Tech advancements with Get Even will hopefully pay off.

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