Mythic Victory Arena – PC Review

The game is still very much incomplete, take this in consideration before you decide to buy it.

Mythic Victory Arena is a turn-based RPG focused on it’s battles, somewhat similar to the Dragon Quest series or older Final Fantasy games, but without the world exploration and it’s own twists to the formula. In MVA, you choose a starting character and are tasked with becoming the Champion, by winning battles and achieving all 9 Ranks, from F to SSS, winning gold as you go to buy items, learn skills, augment weapons and hire new party members.

Battles are similar to any turn-based RPG, but MVA has it’s own quirks. Every character has 3 bars: HP, MP, and TP. The first two are self-explainatory, TP is an “action point” meter that fills when your character performs actions such as the basic attack or guarding. MP and TP are used for skills, with some consuming only 1 meter or both, depending on the character. Skills also have cooldowns, making so you are unable to spam them and have to think about a strategy instead, and an attribute, such as Fire, Ice or Holy, that can make them more or less effective depending on whom it’s used on.

Characters and enemies have attributes, these being:

  • ATK and DEF (damage and resistance from physical attacks)
  • M.ATK and M.DEF (damage and resistance from skills)
  • AGI (attack priority in a turn)
  • LUK (chance of a critical hit)
  • Hit (chance to hit the target)
  • Evasion (chance to evade an attack)

and damage resistances, such as a resistance to physical Light Attacks or weakness to magical Fire skills, that can increase or diminish the damage received.

Winning battles brings you Arena Coins, AC for short, that is necessary for doing pretty much anything in the game. Armor, Items, Weapon Augments and Skills need to be bought and you are restricted to buying only stuff thats not above your current Rank. Hiring Party members will also reduce how much AC you gain per battle won, each additional member taking their cut and dependant on the character, with some taking more than others, and losing a battle will cost you more AC, while winning 3 consecutive battles will net you a bonus. The idea is to keep upgrading your party as you go by buying better equipment, upgrading your skills and having a stock of items.

Mythic Victory Arena is a fun little game for a cheap price. If you enjoy turn-based RPGs moreso for the battles than for world exploration, you might want to give it a try. It is, however, still in Early Access, and it’s still lacking some of the planned features such as a proper story mode. Consider it if you are looking for a more classic RPG instead of a more Action-oriented one.

Rating: 78/100

Genre: Casual, RPG, Strategy, Early Access
Developer: Resi
Publisher: MVA_Resi
Release Date: 4 Oct, 2016

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