Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – PC Review and Critic Scores

+ New mechanics are interesting and do work in principle
+ Game runs smoothly
+ Multiplayer works
+ (as you know) Sean Bean
– Diplomacy is broken; always ends with everyone hating everyone
^ possibly due to sign error or scaling of relation impact; this might be fixable
– even with good relations, there are no fair deals with AI possible
– Districts get more expensive, the more social researches one has
^ Quite unintuitively, not communicated and makes no sense; districts get more expensive than wonders fast
^ Yes, really. On standard speed, each Civic increases district cost by around 11 production (base cost 60)
– Districts can not be removed
^ very basic feature for any system of adjacency boni, one would think
– minor, but unnecessary and enraging slip-ups in UI
– AI is just as bad (or worse) in combat situations as in Civ 5
^ not a challenge unless 3vs1 + tech advance
– AI is bad in general

Bottom line: Game needs 2-3 patches, so around 6-8 months work. Alas, this IS release weekend and the game is playable. Still not recommended at current state; has potential to be the best part of the series. Please Firaxis, make it happen!

Rating: 50/100

Critic Scores:

TheSixthAxis – 100

LevelUp – 98

Game Informer – 95

Game Over Online – 90

The Escapist – 90

USgamer – 90

PCGamesN – 90

Destructoid – 85

Stevivor – 85

Time – 80

Impulsegamer – 70

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