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Nov 14, 2016

The Best Strategy Games on PC (Great Strategy Games for PC)

Homeworld 1

The first game of the series was the best and they seemed to get worse with each new version, but that first one was pure gold. Every facet of the game was well done, resourcing, research, combat and unit design. The single player story was great fun and the whole atmosphere was top notch.
I used to abuse people in multiplayer who couldn't wrap their heads around fully 3d combat. I'd kill to get that first game re-released exactly as it was but with perhaps some graphics upgrades. Homeworld was notable as the first game made by Relic, the people behind the Dawn of War and Company of Heroes games.

Here is a good list of what I like to play as strategy games.

Company of Heroes

Supreme Commander 2

Age of Empries III

Command and Conquer

All a very fun and some have expansions packs. 


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