Chroma Shift – Preview

Chroma Shift is a co-op puzzle game where one robot is strong and the other is smart. I was the first, my son was the second, which is apt because he saw solutions to most of the levels before I did. The mechanics are easy to understand: balls colour the robots either individually or together, then you navigate barriers, doors and lifts to progress to an exit. The demo was quite difficult, although achievable, and the lack of pressure lead to some really nice discussion about possible solutions.

What really sold me on Chroma Shift, however, was the designer’s synopsis of the story.  Through finding collectibles, you learn about the facility, a scientist, and what has happened. Dialogue is delivered while you play, providing a strong impetus to keep searching for solutions. It’s also worth noting that the 2D levels, with 3D background, are beautifully  detailed, if sparse, in this strange place. I’m looking forward to relaxed conversations and intriguing revelations at full release.

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