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Dec 12, 2016

Rounding Up the Best PC Games Ever

There are a number of gaming platforms available for you. But the never-ending debate and battle between PC and gaming consoles has gotten everyone all baffled up. While gaming consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation 4 may offer some virtual reality experience (thanks to VR glasses), there is no denying that PC is the best way to go should you wish to immerse yourselves into gaming. The experience is undeniably better. You may customize your gaming PC the way you wish depending on your needs and, of course, budget. With your gaming computer, you can play simple slot machine games for PC to more advances games like first-person shooting and the likes.

This article will guide you through the game titles that have managed to be part of our picks for All-Time’s Best Games for PC which includes some recent titles. These games have received acclaimed reviews from gaming experts and are well loved by gamers from all around the globe.

World of Warcraft: Legion

This game, World of Warcraft, can simply be put as one of the pioneers in the gaming industry, only being heralded as one of the most influential and successful MMORPGs (or massively multiplayer online role-playing games) ever. The history of World of Warcraft can be traced back to 12 years of heavy content and lore, so getting WoW: Legion is not going to be a waste of money. Getting Legion will give you access to an entirely new continent and storylines without the burden of having to catch up its predecessors.


Due to the recent popularity of hero shooter games in the industry, there came Battleborn. You are able to choose from over 20 characters, each one of them from a different faction, and boasts of unique storylines.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Two years after its prequel, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which was released back in 2011, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided focuses on the story arc of the game protagonist Adam Jensen who is now armed with latest technologies like being able to turn himself invisible, hacking things, and punching through building walls. The gameplay is totally sick and stealthy, and is a good addition to the growing numbers of cyberpunk reality games available in the market.

Alien: Isolation

Good news for Alien fans, a game that would complete your 2016! The story is set likely around 15 years after what happened in the Alien 1979 movie. This game promises thrill and suspense that gets you off the edge of your seat through the right use of its superb animation and graphics. Never play this game with your lights turned off. This game is not for the faint of heart. This game will get you quivering in every dark hall throughout the game. And just before you think the place is clear, you will be mistaken.

Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is not your ordinary zombie outbreak game. Though many claim that this game has been overshadowed by other bigger names in the industry like Battlefield and Call of Duty, there is no denying that sales have still racked up due to its massive fans and audience. Nobody can get enough of zombie attacks, can’t they?

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is just like Sim City, but better! It caters to gamers who wish Sim City were more modern and more sophisticated. If you have played Sim City before,  Cities: Skylines will feel like a fresh breath of air though the goals at the end of the day does not really differ that much. The gameplay primarily lets you manage a virtual city—whether big or small—and you are allowed to create custom maps that you can easily share to other players. This is where the game shines better than Sim City. Customization is one thing Sim City needs to work on if they wish to keep their fans at home.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

This game holds you hostage in an entirely vibrant and lively alternate world. The gameplay makes you feels ultimate control. After playing Inquisition for 90 hours, you will not have noticed you have played that long due to its excellent style and graphics, unique storylines, and well-woven dialogues. Many players who have finished the game once would tend to play it again using a different character of a different race and faction to explore all possible story arcs. This only goes to show how Inquisition is totally addictive!

Grand Theft Auto 4

One of the most talked about and anticipated console games ever to grace PC, Grand Theft Auto 4 takes you back to the city of Los Santos. Only this time, the city would look richer, more vibrant and sprawling, with better graphics engineered for PC users. The game promise 31 hours of exciting game time, but once you are done with it for once, available mods will be sure to keep you wanting for more. Creating chaos has never been this fun and engaging!

BioShock has become one of the best first-person shooting games in history with its massive following. The story is set under the water—yep!—called Rapture which enjoys total freedom from government control. Rapture is home to entrepreneurs and artists who feel that their works might be censured by the government due to their nature. There is no better time to drop everything and play BioShock, because no one gets left behind. And BioShock is the best thing to happen in PC gaming.

There you have them. These are just some of the best games available for PC. Of course, there are over thousands of gaming titles available for you, but these games we have listed cover most preferences of gamers. Have you played some of the games in this article? If so, have you enjoyed them? What other games can you recommend for anyone out there who is looking for new games to play. Leave your comments down below in the comment section. We would love to hear from our fellow gamers!

Images by tanjao and tomasz under Public Domains CC0


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