Continuum Game – Preview

Another student game generating buzz at PAX was Continuum. As well as being visually striking, people seemed to like that it is based on a traditional concept, with a twist. Simply, it’s like a flashy, fluorescent Space Invaders but where you immediately have control over the game’s speed. Go to the top of the screen and everything speeds up, go lower and everything slows down.

Unfortunately, this includes the pitch of the music, raising and lowering, which makes my ears cry. (But I do actually love musical experimentation, even when it’s weird.)

Pieces fall, and stick to the bottom if you can’t destroy them, and there are boss objects that move freely. Most interestingly, I noticed that I had instantaneous control over the game’s difficultly. If I was overwhelmed, I dropped to the bottom of the screen and was often able to wrest my position back, while everything was moving more slowly. It’s like having a difficulty slider built right into gameplay. Continuum’s concept is extremely simple and, once you get used to the idea that slowing the game down isn’t cheating, it’s really fun to play.

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