Resident Evil 7 Download Trainer and PC Review

I will be the first to admit that over the years, I much as I loved all the Resident Evil games, from the

very first one years ago, even all of the movies, that I lost interest in the games over time. This one looked very promising, and when I tried the demo I knew I was looking at something totally new, and something the devs had really spent some time on, and I spent literally hours getting lost in the world of the game while playing the demo.
Typically as it states, the codes are release at midnight Central Standard Time, and I am on Eastern Standard Time in east Tennessee, and usually do not receive my pre-order codes until around noon of the release day, but I was very surprised when my phone alerted me to an email at little past 12:30 that the code was available. As soon as I fired up my pc, I activated the code, and the actual download size was a little over 12GB and the installed folder is right now as of release without any updates or patches is exactly 22.8 GB. If you thought the demo was amazing, wait until you get the finished product! First off, the first person point of view is simply amazing and makes you feel like you are actually lost in the world of madness and in the house yourself, I suggest playing in the dark! There are always super creepy surprises, but when you would think they are going to try and scare you, they don’t and when you let your guard down…there it is! I still have not found any weapons yet, and am still collecting items and clues, but the family in the house is nothing short of creepy and down right sickening! I can’t wait until I actually get to fight! The only down fall to the game is some of the clues or keys you have to find to get our of parts of the house or certain rooms, can at times, as much as I love this game, can get very tedious and annoying after so long, but that does not stop the fact that this is an amazing new addition to the Resident Evil series! As for the graphics, I am running 2 Nividia Titan X’s in SLI mode on a 27″ 4K monitor and this game looks simply stunning! Simply put, this game is amazing!

HotKeys Cheats
[Num 1] – Infinite Health
[Num 2] – Infinite Ammo
[Num 3] – No Reload
[Num 4] – Infinite Items
[Num 5] – Show Interactables / Collectables
[Num 6] – Super Speed
[Num 7] – Slow Motion
[Num 0] – One Hit Kill

[Home] – Disable All

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