Top 2017 PC Low-Specs Games

Little Nightmares
The Maw the merrier

In this Tim Burton-esque fantasy horror, you play a young girl called Six who, after being kidnapped, finds herself trapped in the surreal undersea resort of The Maw. If you’re a member of the elite it’s a

utopia. If you’re not, well, try not to gag as you make your way through a kitchen where flabby chefs carve questionable cuts of meat, their presence forcing Six to duck behind counters and scamper up sausage-making machines. We’d hate to see what the pool’s like. Gameplay is a puzzle-platforming blend, so expect plenty of climbing, scrambling, pushing, and pulling as you try to safely guide Six through the eerie, creepy-as-all-Hell world and to her escape.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole
An RPG to take seriously: no one wants to see a pro lapse
Having tried the Nosulus Rift – a one-off VR gimmick that lets you actually smell the farts emitted in
game – South Park’s delay isn’t actually a bad thing. To be clear, the game is great – it’s just going to take a while to get over the trauma of those… odours. Fortunately that monstrosity won’t be released to the public. You just get all the good stuff – the weird Marvelgone- wrong story of the kids trying to start their own superhero franchise, via the medium of turn-based combat and some pretty stern humour. Just like the TV show, this doesn’t mince words, with jokes about religion, race, sex and comics. But, under all the puerile stuff, there’s a strong game with a redefined gridbased combat system and a great grasp of superhero lore. Battles are tactical affairs that require a keen grasp of your abilities and the space around you. It’s like chess, but with more poop jokes. And, like the last game, it’s beautifully presented with animation and voice acting on par with the show itself.

Fable Fortune
Not Bowerstoning to convention
Intriguingly, former Lionhead luminaries Flaming Fowl have licensed Fable from owners Microsoft for this collectible card game. Taking its cue from the widely loved Xbox RPG series, here choices alter your moral alignment, and fighting foes levels you up. Elsewhere there’s an online co-op component, with further PvP modes under consideration ahead of its summertime release. The abundance of mechanically proficient card games on the market today – Hearthstone, Gwent, Magic, Pokémon TCG – means picking one boils down to whatever you most like the look of, so fans of balverines, bards, and clockwork beetles can do worse than this Albion-themed tabletop clasher.

Slam dunk
This surreal adventure comes to us from the minds behind the brilliant Bastion and Transistor, so it’s  no surprise to find that, like those illustrious titles, it boasts a stunningly beautiful art style and a spine-tingling soundtrack. What we didn’t expect was a combat system that has more in common with a game of basketball than it does with your average fantasy quest ’em up. As a ‘Reader’ (literacy being a rare skill in this world), you must guide three exiles through a strange and barren land to ‘Rites’. Whether you think of these as fights or matches, they see your team take on three opponents as they try to get the ‘Orb’ (ball) into the enemy ‘Pyre’ (hoop) while protecting theirs.

Nidhogg 2
The only game where you want to become worm food
We may be a little unsure about the redesigned visuals of this couch-play duelling sequel, but we still can’t wait to get sparring. The compulsive original’s nerve-shredding duels are back, but this time you’ll have new weapons like crossbows and daggers that should add just enough new intrigue to fights. Will taking out a fleeing foe with an arrow be just as cruelly hilarious as doing it with a flying sword? That remains to be seen… There are also at least ten levels this time, and new animations to make you wince as you stomp your opponent to death. Cult status beckons once again.

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