Sniper Ghots Warrior 3 – Preview

Conecpt: The Sniper series moves to Georgia for an open-world outing where civil war is being used to cover up a darker purpose.

We thought we were doing rather well until we stepped out on a dirt track, triumphantly striding towards our jeep, and got knocked down in a hit and run, failing the mission we thought we had just completed. That was a kick in the teeth. But it was also a good indicator of just how chaotic and freewheeling Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 has become now that it has embraced a fully open sandbox approach.

The mission itself proved to be fairly straightforward with a small band of Georgian rebels holding hostages near an abandoned and decrepit church. We Expanding your crawl space approached with music blaring and kicking up dust with screeching turns in the hopes of intimidating them, but as it turned out we weren’t as close as we thought and they didn’t hear a thing. As such a stealthier approach became available and we crawled  up some rocks opposite the church to get a good vantage point.

From here we could look through the scope and see who was in line for a direct shot. This was also a good opportunity to pull out our new spy drone, which we could then directly control and fly around the area. It was important to keep a certain amount of distance so as not to sound the alarm (these guys will notice a drone floating in their faces and become suspicious), while also being close enough to auto tag each hostile. With about five or six baddies in our way, we could think about charging on the building. The guards out front proved to be no trouble, helped significantly by the short distance and minimal bullet drop. There are all sorts of in-game tools you can use to read the wind direction, potential drag of gravity on your shot and so on, but we thought we would freehand these targets and enjoyed some success. With the outer perimeter secured we headed into the church and found no-one there, so a little clambering gave us a nice viewpoint on the last few rebels in the graveyard, holding guns to the heads of our hostages.

At this point we could have just rushed them with our machine gun, of course. While sniping is the primary interest of this game, you’re well-equipped for running  and gunning if that’s how you want to go. Likewise, we could have attempted some close range stealth kills if we wanted, but this is Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, not Stabby: Ninja Warrior. Some quick shots took out the last guards before they could locate our shooting position in their alarm, and having freed the captives we sauntered back to the jeep for another mission… only to be hit by a van and die. Oh well, time to try  again.

Format: PS4, Xbox One PC
Origin: Poland
Publisher: CI Games
Developer: In-house
Release Date: 4 April 2017

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