Mass Effect Andromeda Download Trainer

Review: Half-baked abomination of a game.

Developers discarded a huge opportunity of new and engaging story in another galaxy, instead decide to play safe and made an awkward clone of a previous games, even going as far as reusing previous assets (models, animation, mechanics).

Writing is abysmal. Logical errors and plot holes the size of the supermassive black hole.

Some examples:
– After travelling 600 years to another galaxy you visit first planet in a prologue, completely unexplored, with recon mission. On that planet there are mysterious alien installations, thousands of years old. Guess what you find there? A scope for your rifle. Not a technology, that you have to research first ot use it. just the damn thing, that you can slap on your weapon. Another galaxy, folks!

– First contact with an alien race, an important and frightening event (remember First Contact war from the lore of the series)? Nope. Instant understanding and cooperation.

– Hero is the last hope of colonists, tasked with finding new worlds for the survival of everyone must buy his equipment for credits… Come on, there are million ways to circumvent this stupid situation, there could be requisition points, new tech research for gradual upgrades. Nope, credits.

– Research and crafting. There is no reason to explore planets and collect resources, when you can forfeit research and development entirely and just buy things for credits. Takes away the exploration spirit everyone hoped for.

This is just a surface scratching without going into details.

Dialogs seems to be written by 10 year old. Characters spew exposition like in a bad movie. Mindless and numb droning of the NPCs will force you to skip the conversations entirely. Blatant mis-casting of the voice actors, which make characters dull and forgettable. Dialog options regressed even further, than infamous Renegade/Paragon system from previous games. Simplified romance options always show up in the wheel with “heart” icon, not unlocked through conversation and interaction. Just choose “heart” repeatedly and you get the romance scene. That easy. No engagement whatsoever.

Developers tried to create the open worlds, but instead got generic, empty and forgettable planets with dull quests. Uninspired and repetitive alien installations, awkwardly respawning enemies, overall lack of creativity throughout gameplay: these are the flaws that should never be in the first place, with the foundation like previous games and high project budget.

User interface.
Horrible design decisions, not just one step back, but a giant leap from established and comfortable interface from previous installments. You easily get lost in the menus, sub menus and tabs even when trying to do simple things, such as change quest tracking. Crafting menu is even worse. Unintuitive key mapping – to open a map you press “M” once, to close it press “Esc” twice. Map is buggy, half of the time you can’t even locate your position, the marker just dissapears, making you take a wild guess. Minimap is no more, instead we got Skyrim’esque compass with markers that is just awkward to use, especially when driving in the vehicle.

It’s bad. Forget about stiff faces and bad syncing everyone are talking about. We have awkward movement, disappearing weapons, disappearing helmets, characters sliding instead of walking, NPC models suspended in midair, models clipping through the ground, invisible textures, madly rotating eyeballs, impossible gestures, just to name a few. It looks and feels as if it is an early alpha build. Even minimal quality control should have noticed and reported these massive issues, but alas…

tl:dr verdict:

An insult for the veterans of the series and tedious, boring experience for the newcomers to the franchise. Rating: 20/100


Digital Ripoff – Why Are Digital Downloads Priced So Highly?

With more gamers going down the route of digital downloads the question starts to become why do physical and digital copies of a game cost the same amount? For years PC gamers have used Steam, Origin and U-Play to get games digitally and with physical copies of PC games no longer being actively available in stores, it has meant gamers need to rely on these outlets for their games. Even with regular sales these games are full price to begin with and for what? you don’t get a disk or any other sort of physical item for the game.

Now with the progression of the PlayStation and Xbox Store even more people are paying full price for a game which has no physical evidence that you own said game. So is it greed? Is it a way to get people into stores to keep the industry turning? I believe it’s a bit of both. if digital copies were cheaper it wouldn’t make me want to leave the house to get a game, but if a new controller was needed visiting a shop is nice to get a view of the product being purchased. However if you know what is needed and it isn’t desperate to have today getting one on Amazon with next day delivery is infinitely easier.

It could be that game developers are giving shops like Game a fair chance to sell their products but with places like Tesco undercutting other outlets by £10 or more it seems a little redundant to go to a gaming outlet when you can pick up the game of your choice plus accessories alongside a main shopping trip. Most game sellers outside of supermarkets survive on pre-owned sales and that is no use to developers as they have already sold the game so a resale doesn’t benefit them.

That isn’t to say they don’t sell new titles, in fact they do very good sales of special editions and consoles. However the problem is still there from a publisher’s point of view, they are in the business of making money. So when if someone buys a copy of FIFA from Tesco at £40 plays it and trades it at their local game store for £30, EA only gets the initial sale. The game store picks up the credit and can sell an almost-new game for next to retail price. I understand why publishers and developers want a slice of this pie – but forcing that onto digital buys is just wrong.

Big publishers have been trying to undercut this market for years. Online passes were a cheap way of them creaming money off the secondary market – only for console manufacturers to stop that practice in its tracks. Heck, even PlayStation 4 made a big deal of being able to share games with friends physically – something you can’t do with digital downloads. Thus taking this option is always the inferior option for gamers – who can’t re-sell that game or make use of it away from their home console (Not without enacting a heap of bizarre and awkward terms and conditions anyway).

So why not lower that price? Convince gamers that going digital is the way forward? Cut a bit of that money that publishers spend on shipping discs and physical copy’s around. Pass that saving on. Sadly in the current video game industry – such noble ideas don’t float. This is an industry that cuts up DLC wholesale and charges as much as it can for micro-transactions – another investment gamers are expected to make once they’ve bought their game. It seems bizarre to me that in 2017, we still can’t buy digital games cheaper on consoles than we can in the store – where the price depreciates.

Personally, outside of DLC, I don’t spend money on Micro-transactions (for instance FIFA points) unless the game was free. Maybe a better way for the publishers and developers would be to allow people to buy digital games a bit cheaper. This would give people more reasons to recommend the game to a friend and more incentive to purchase in-game extras. In terms of stores I feel there is still enough people who enjoy going into shops and browsing the products on view and even with cheaper digital downloads stores will still survive on online sales and walk-in customers who want clothing or a special edition Fallout 4 as it has a PiP Boy. Time will tell though and for now people will choose whatever buying method makes them happiest.

20 Biggest Video Game Disappointments of 2016

The past year has been a wild one, several games have met their fates of failure, several which weren’t advertised properly, some which did not meet our expectations, and mostly of which were notas well delivered as how they were said in their trailers. Needless to say, many pre-order fans were disappointed and infuriated at their seemingly wastage of money. Keep in mind that these are just our own list; everyone’s thinking differs and well, there could be a game we’ve missed or some game which we did list which you like. No offence to anyone, and let us know in the comments below of any addition or argument. Without further dragging this, let us get started on the biggest video game disappointments of the whole year 2016.

72/100 Future Unfolding Review – Beautiful yet Befuddling | COGconnected

Future Unfolding tasks you with navigating a forest full of gorgeous plant and animal life. The top-down perspective gives you a full view of the beautiful environments, each one crafted like an impressionist painting in motion. The game is confident you’ll figure everything out, with no text of any kind but the occasional philosophical diatribe. I spent most of my time with no idea what was happening, and I was mostly fine with it.

90/100 Nier: Automata – Square Enix’s New Killer Franchise | Rash Bandicoot

In 2010 Square Enix released Nier: an action RPG with a mysterious story involving some weird book. Its combat looked a bit clunky and the PS2 presentation didn’t help sell it. Not to mention all eyes were on FF 13 which at the time was the most hyped JRPG ever. It seemed the new IP was a bust but years on, even up until today, the name keeps getting brought up in game discussions. It’s weird yet engaging narrative, multiple endings, and a gorgeous soundtrack have helped keep the it afloat. Seven years later, Nier comes back in what could arguably be considered Square Enix’s new killer franchise. 

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Call of Duty WWII 2017 – It Looks Like Sledgehammer Games Were Teasing It Since Advanced Warfare

Recently, promotional images were leaked for Sledgehammer’s upcoming Call of Duty 2017 that seemed to suggest that for the first time since 2008’s Treyarch developed World at War, the series will be returning to a World War II setting.

This is, of course, in line with earlier reports that the game was going to go back to the series’ traditions. What’s interesting, though, is that it seems Sledgehammer have been teasing this setting for their upcoming shooter for a long time- since Advanced Warfare first came out, in fact.

As far back as April of 2016, Michael Condrey, who is the studio head and co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, wrote in his Twitter bio that among other games, he’s working on “Call of Duty ####“, in which case the four symbols probably mean “WWII”. A bit of a stretch? Not if these rumours turn out to be true.

What’s more, while supporting Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games released several new guns through Supply Drops in the game, such as the MP40, the M1 Garand, and the M1911, all three of which are noticeable old weapons that can be related to the WWII era.

Street Fighter V New CFN Features Detailed; Open Beta Testing On PC Confirmed For Next Week

Street Fighter V, the latest entry in the series developed by Capcom, has been released well over a year ago, but the game is sadly still in a rough state, with online modes and servers not working as intended quite often. A little while back, Capcom confirmed that a new and improved version of the Capcom Fighters Network would be coming this Spring, and today new details have emerged on it.

In a new post on Capcom Unity, it’s been confirmed that the new Street Fighter V CFN will come with several features that players have been requesting since release, such as shorter load times, better matchmaking, Battle Lounges showing country flags and more. The Rage Quit system displaying Player Profile icons, which was supposed to be in since the Season 2 patch last December, will also get implemented properly.

“Rage Quit Penalty System

Back in December, we implemented an update to the Rage Quit System which displayed a special Player Profile Icon for the worst offenders and the most honorable players. These icons are working correctly now and matchmaking logic now takes into account your online behavior and frequent disconnectors will be matched with similar opponents.

Ranked and Casual Match Loading Times

We understand many players were not happy with the load times when entering online matches. There will now be a shorter transition when going into a Ranked or Casual Match.

Battle Lounge Country Flags

Country flags should now properly load in Battle Lounges, allowing players to locate competition in their region.

Training Mode – User Settings Saved

Training Mode settings are now saved and will carry over to the next time the mode is accessed.

Matchmaking Improvements

It should now take less time to find an opponent in online matches. We’ve also added logic which avoids frequently being matched with the same opponent repeatedly.

Fighter Profile Stats

More detailed stats will be tracked and presented on your Fighter Profile.

Country / League Based Rankings

Players will now be able to filter leaderboards based on Country or League.

Friend Management System

In addition to adding a player to your Favorites, you can now add Friends and follow them on CFN. You can now also Blacklist players.

Interactive Timeline

On the CFN home menu, a live feed of your Friends’ activities is presented on an interactive Timeline. Using the Timeline, you can immediately add a recent match to your Replay List, view a Fighter Profile, manage your Friends, and adjust Timeline display settings.

In-Game Announcer Voice

The in-game announcer will give you stats on both you and your opponent using data pulled from the server.”

Additionally, PC players will be able to test out the new online functionalities and infrastructure starting next week. The new beta client will be separate from the main game one, and it will be available to all Steam users. All characters will also be unlocked in this new CFN beta.

“The new CFN PC Beta Test will start on 3/28 at 1pm PST and will end on 4/3 at 12pm PST. It will be limited to Steam users only, but will be completely FREE to play for both current and new players.”

Street Fighter V is now available in all regions on PC and PlayStation 4.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild PC emulator effort gets $23,000 a month in funding

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best reviewed games of all time, heck it is one of the best games of all time. But the only way to play it is if you got a Switch or a Wii U.

Which is why there’s a team of fans working on bringing the game to the PC via an emulator. And because of the size of Breath of the Wild, it’s quite an undertaking.

However, the team at CEMU, who are working on the emulator, have been getting lots of support from fans. Not just nice messages from fans, but actual monetary support.

When the game came out and they announced that they were working on an emulator, fans were funding them about $7,000 per month. Now that number has skyrocketed to $23,000 a month from 5,400 fans.

The emulator is based on the Wii U version of the game, which was released alongside the Switch version earlier this month.

Here’s a video of Breath of the Wild running on PC via the CEMU emulator in its current state. The frame rate is quite choppy, but that’s something that can be fixed with optimization down the line.

For comparison, here’s a previous version of the game running emulated on PC, version 1.7.3. It’s clear that in just a couple of weeks, there have been substantial frame rate improvements.

Nintendo hasn’t commented on this particular project, but the company doesn’t like emulators in general (for obvious reasons).

Is It Too Late to Start Playing Rainbow Six Siege?

A question that I often ask myself, as i’m sure many others do, is it ever too late to join a particular game? This is in terms of how accessible said game is after release, and whether anyone is actually still playing it.

There have been a few examples in recent times, one being Evolve on Xbox One a couple of years ago, in which I found that despite enjoying the game, there was virtually zero online presence. Whilst it doesn’t affect games focused more on the single player front, the question is often raised with multiplayer shooters in particular, one being Rainbow Six Siege.

This was a question raised by NeoGAF user The_Dama:

I’ve always been a RS fan but somehow I missed Siege. This it to late to get into the game? I would just play it by myself with no friends. I can get the game for cheap but is the season pass a must?

The answer quite simply is no, it isn’t too late by any means to join in the phenomenon that is Rainbow Six Siege. Having been quite sceptical about its predominantly online focus back when the game was in beta, I found myself unimpressed by what this rendition of the popular Tom Clancy franchise had to offer. In comparison to the state of the game now, the hype around Rainbow Six Siege is far more prominent than it was at its launch back in 2015. There are a couple of theories as to why, some basing it on world events at the time, others being unsure about the crossover to the almost multiplayer only direction the franchise had taken.

By August 2016, which was a short time after I had been persuaded by friends to join in the action, Rainbow Six Siege’s player base had almost doubled since launch. The game is recognized as an immersive tactical team shooter that has traits to persuade even the most strict of single player gamers to test the waters of online.

Sure, the single player is limited in comparison to many other games of a similar nature, but in terms of coming to the game at this later stage, there isn’t any issue. There has been and will continue to be plentiful content being added, as well as general support for the game.

What Siege seems to have over other online shooters is its tactical elements, which holds plenty of variety to keep it fresh. As does the season pass, though in all honesty, that isn’t much of a necessity unless you really want to expand on your experience.

Witcher 4 has been Officially confirmed by CD Projekt Red

Well talking about Witcher games, oh it is a different story, the Wither series has been a thrilling and awesome series from CD Projekt RED, Witcher 3 was no doubt awesome and that was the reason why it recieved the “Game Of The Year 2016” Award.Many Witcher 3 fans are worried about Witcher 4 Release so stop being worried because Witcher 4 is on its way.The Witcher series has been a worth successor to CD Projekt RED taking their business to next level, the CD Projekt RED is now worth $1 Billion on Polish exchange.

CD Projekt RED Has Officialy confirmed that their will be another Witcher Game release, The CEO of the Company Adam Kicinski officialy said it on a Polish TV station that “It’s too early to talk about it, but it’s not like we’re forgetting about this brand, It wouldn’t be fair towards the fans. We work within this universe for over a dozen years now and I don’t think it’s going to be the end of it”

But this doesant mean that Witcher 4 will be released this year or any how next year, this may take time because the official Game designers are currently busy designing another open world sci-fiction game called Cybyerpunk 2077.

There is no official release date, but we’ll update you as we get any information about Witcher 4, Fans should dream big about Witcher 4 release because it’ll be a very Awesome! Game.