Is It Too Late to Start Playing Rainbow Six Siege?

A question that I often ask myself, as i’m sure many others do, is it ever too late to join a particular game? This is in terms of how accessible said game is after release, and whether anyone is actually still playing it.

There have been a few examples in recent times, one being Evolve on Xbox One a couple of years ago, in which I found that despite enjoying the game, there was virtually zero online presence. Whilst it doesn’t affect games focused more on the single player front, the question is often raised with multiplayer shooters in particular, one being Rainbow Six Siege.

This was a question raised by NeoGAF user The_Dama:

I’ve always been a RS fan but somehow I missed Siege. This it to late to get into the game? I would just play it by myself with no friends. I can get the game for cheap but is the season pass a must?

The answer quite simply is no, it isn’t too late by any means to join in the phenomenon that is Rainbow Six Siege. Having been quite sceptical about its predominantly online focus back when the game was in beta, I found myself unimpressed by what this rendition of the popular Tom Clancy franchise had to offer. In comparison to the state of the game now, the hype around Rainbow Six Siege is far more prominent than it was at its launch back in 2015. There are a couple of theories as to why, some basing it on world events at the time, others being unsure about the crossover to the almost multiplayer only direction the franchise had taken.

By August 2016, which was a short time after I had been persuaded by friends to join in the action, Rainbow Six Siege’s player base had almost doubled since launch. The game is recognized as an immersive tactical team shooter that has traits to persuade even the most strict of single player gamers to test the waters of online.

Sure, the single player is limited in comparison to many other games of a similar nature, but in terms of coming to the game at this later stage, there isn’t any issue. There has been and will continue to be plentiful content being added, as well as general support for the game.

What Siege seems to have over other online shooters is its tactical elements, which holds plenty of variety to keep it fresh. As does the season pass, though in all honesty, that isn’t much of a necessity unless you really want to expand on your experience.

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