Astro – Space Scrolling Shooter

The game has stylish open-space pixel art. There are four main characters, each of which has its own unique spaceship. It should be noted that all the characters – animals, saving galaxy. It complemented by a huge number of weapons, insane bosses and spectacular music that makes you wanting to save the galaxy.

Story: According to the plot, all sorts of animal-like creatures inhabit reasonable worlds, and man has become a part of mythological legends from archaic antiquity. Now horrifying events are arriving, capable of destroying the usual order of things.

The Earth has always been on the outskirts of space, and for centuries the connection of developed civilizations with it was lost, and then about the little blue planet and completely forgotten, elevating it to the rank of cosmic Atlantis. Nevertheless, after thousands of years, the last representative of the human race, with the help of the machine he assembles, is going to deprive the mind of the inhabitants of the galaxy, whose ancestors were once the pets of people from the planet Earth and build a new version of their dying planet.

Mash your fingers and go! To protect the galaxy!


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