Endless Space 2 – Cannot Start Issue, Crashes in game and Change Languages

This thread will be to consolidate users and data that are having an issue starting the game and are on Nvidia based cards.

AMD users that cannot start the game should use the Preview branch as indicated in this thread


For all other users please post here. The developers require the following information

1) Dxidag. you can run dxdiag from Start->Run and then click “Save All Information”. This will save a file to wherever you indicate

2) Diagnostics.html This will be in My DocumentsEndless Space 2Temporary Files

3) output_log.txt fie which is in steamappscommonEndless Space 2EndlessSpace2_Data

Please upload all of these to any file sharing service/text upload service of your choice.

Alternatively you can register for the official forums and upload the files there. If you do please consolidate all posts and data here:



I just re-installed it after trying the beta some time ago.
The game won’t start, as mentioned in the headline.

I have tried checking file integrity in steam.
I reinstalled .net from the Endless folder.
I have deleted the user folder in documents
Its on a desktop with a Nvidia GTX 1080 card. So no discrete graphics.
Tried disabling 2nd screen (Mass effect Andromeda, for instance does not like 2nd screen)
I have restarted after all these steps.

Dxdiag log:

Output log:

Only thing I can see, is Mono.exe missing? Why I just reinstalled the game, shouldn’t the game install any dependencies?

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