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Bayonetta is a cinematic and stylish action game from the creative mind of Hideki Kamiya.

Rating: 90/100 – Based on 5 Critics

Gaming Age
This PC release brings with it a gorgeous graphic update, with smooth 60fps and 4K visuals you can see every detail the development team created for you. This is truly the definitive edition of this game, and one that you have to pick up if you are a PC gamer, whether you played Bayonetta when it launched originally or not. Bayonetta is a great hack and slash that takes what works in other games and adds its own unique flair and style, which pays off handsomely.

Attack of the Fanboy
Bayonetta on PC is without a doubt the definitive way to play this game. Most gaming PCs will run it with great performance, and whether it’s your first foray into this world or your tenth, it’s an adventure worth taking again.

PC Gamer
A great port of what is still one of the best action games around. Bayonetta is the essential hack-‘n-slash.
It took a long time for the Umbra Witch to climax on PC but after seven years she finally arrived. And she didn’t miss a beat. This was and still is a first class action-adventure full of creativity, adrenaline fueled battles and sassiness beyond belief. And unlike Nier Automata this is a decent, albeit option lacking PC port.

At the end of the day the cocky, confident, wisecracking and unapologetically sexual protagonist and her amazingly rich style of combat still beats strong at the heart of Bayonetta and revisiting the game on PC is a reminder of how much fun the game was in 2009. Any fan of stylish action games will still appreciate Bayonetta, especially now that some of the original’s technical issues have been addressed and resolved.

With fast-paced battles, creativity and deep mechanics, Bayonetta has always been one of our favorite action games. The PC version adds 60 frames per second, and is therefore the best way to experience the game. Still a masterpiece.

I’m not really surprised that Bayonetta holds up, but I am surprised that it holds up this damn well, and handily one-ups most games that are coming out these days. To me, this is still one of the gaming’s landmark achievements, and now, it’s better than ever.

Metro GameCentral
Unlike many Japanese action games of this type, it’s not impossibly hard on the lower difficulty levels, and all the different elements are introduced at an agreeably easy pace. Bayonetta herself may want to punish you but the game just wants to entertain and surprise. A goal it achieves with a cocksure level of competence that is surpassed only by the witch herself.

Even if its story falls into many amnesia tropes and the graphics are a bit dated, the innovative and enthralling gameplay coupled with its over-the-top-nature make Bayonetta a wild ride that you won’t ever want to get off. Sega has mentioned that they want to do more PC ports in the future and, if they are done as well as Bayonetta, I can’t wait to see what they bring over next.

The Games Machine
Bayonetta is a real masterpiece, and it’s finally available in the best version ever played. The most iconic title developed by PlatinumGames is finally available on PC, and there’s really no reason why you should miss it.
If we’re talking about gameplay, the first Bayonetta is still a masterpiece in the action genre, surpassed only by its direct sequel. Such a game deserved an excellent port, and SEGA delivered with a flawless product, exquisitely solid even on low-end configurations.

Even eight years after release for consoles this is still a great action-rich spectacle which no fan of pc fighting games should miss.

PC Games
Bayonetta still has problems in the story and camera department (and too many Quick-Time-Events), just as eight years earlier. However, the smooth 60 frames per second and the minimal loading times make this iteration a pure joy to play. Don’t miss this gem!”

Hardcore Gamer
It feels like a dream seeing Bayonetta on PC, and thankfully, it’s no nightmare. While the frame rate is locked during cutscenes, everything else about the optimization has been done near perfect. Maxed out at 1080p60 is an easily achievable feat, even for older hardware, and the graphical enhancements only shed light on how well the visual aesthetics hold up so many years later. The controls are also done well for keyboard and mouse, so with the option of a gamepad, this is undoubtedly the best version of Bayonetta yet. As for the game itself, the story isn’t for everyone, especially considering how extraordinary deranged it is, and there are a couple of unforgiving combat scenarios. Fortunately, Bayonetta is still an alluring adventure that will hold a smile on your face until the credits roll.
Apr 13, 2017
A masterpiece – when it is a true masterpiece – never gets old.

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