A robot named fight – A true rougelike Metroidvania

Press release:

A Robot Named Fight brings permadeath, procedural generation, and countless quick playthroughs to the Metroidvania genre. Developed solely by Matt Bitner, this game features SNES-inspired graphics, a driving retrowave soundtrack, and environmental storytelling in lieu of cutscenes and dialogue.

A Robot Named Fight puts you in the role of an anonymous robot defending a robot city under siege by grotesque meat beasts. In any of the over four billion unique runs, you’ll discover randomized items that will allow you to traverse deeper beneath the surface and gain the powers you need to defeat the moon-sized mother of the meat beasts: the Megabeast. The game features over fifty items and fifty unique enemies, as well as achievements that unlock new content. Each playthrough clocks in at approximately an hour, but a rich metagame encourages endless replays.

“I love speedrunning Metroidvanias, but I always miss the joy of discovery that comes with that first playthrough,” said Bitner. “I wanted to create something that could be played over and over again in the length of a speedrun that would still surprise me every time. A Robot Named Fight ended up marrying that idea with my fascination for gross, David Cronenberg things and worlds populated with humanoid robots like Megaman.”

A Robot Named Fight launches on Steam September 7, 2017. For $9.99, players on PC and Mac can explore this new rougelike Metroidvania. Check out trailers, screenshots, and more information about the game at arobotnamedfight.com.

About Matt Bitner
A Robot Named Fight is developed solely by Matt Bitner. A self-taught programmer and pixel artist, he learned to make games between shifts at a major pet supply company. He used this knowledge at a local mobile game studio for four years before dedicating himself to creating A Robot Named Fight full-time. He is responsible for the game’s code, design, music, and art. He enjoys Super Metroid speed running, Dungeons & Dragons, and noise music.

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