HDD from a Macbook

I have this Macbook which is from 2011 or 2012 and I tried using the Disk Utility but that wasn’t working at all and yes I have tired holding down the Command-R and the other key combinations but none of that worked. So my question is if I take the hard drive out of the Macbook and try reformatting it on my Windows PC using the Paragon HFS for Windows program, can I put it back in the Macbook and try the command + R to see if Disk Utility can reinstall the Mac OS? Or something like that? Please I need help on this and I tried Google but that isn’t helping out at all so that’s why I am here asking you guys for help and any help would be appreciated.

Best answer:
Easiest way:

1. Install OS X on a bootable USB drive
2. Put the hdd back in your macbook
3. Plug in the USB drive
4. Power up your macbook and hold the CMD button when you hear the start up sound
5. Select the option to boot from the USB drive

After that you can just format the drive using disk utility and install osx. All the above steps shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes depending on how fast it can write the files to the USB drive.

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